Sample Carpenter Resume

Carpenter Resume

Carpenter resume helps a Carpenter in finding an appropriate job on the basis of his/her experience. The resume should be designed in a clean and simple manner, describing all about the skills and qualities of the Carpenter. It should be giving many relevant reasons to the employer for recruiting the candidate. A Carpenter's job is a job which requires a lot of dedication and hard work. It needs refined skills and creativity. So, when designing a resume for Carpenter, more emphasis should be given on the skills. In case of a Carpenter, their experience matters the most, the more they are experienced, the more they give good work. Carpenters need to do a lot of hard work to establish them, so a nicely created resume can always be of great help to a Carpenter. A synonym for the Carpenter can be a craftsman. A craftsman is he who can craft beautiful things out of raw wood. A Craftsman needs to have all the knowledge about residential construction, quality control, cost control, techniques, tools and equipment, and very essentially, practice. Carpenters need to be proficient in the tasks like setting a window, set doors, drill and hang door hardware, read blueprints, should be capable of using appropriate mathematical skills. Analytical skills are also equally required; they do great help in material estimates. Here we can be talking about two different categories of carpenters, initially, a Finish Carpenter and then a Trim Carpenter. A Finish Carpenter is the one who is responsible for all the basic items like furniture, cabinets, and creative roofs. Trim Carpenters are those who are responsible for giving sizzle to the basic work. Their work is generally to ornament the items.

We can look at a SAMPLE RESUME OF THE CARPENTER, and have an idea of how it is created: -

3323, lee lane
House # 14B
Baton rouge, LA

15th October, 2011

Objective: To become a Senior Carpenter with a famous and reputed construction and building group. I should be able to prove all my skills and creativity within me. Working with a big organization will help me polish my skills even nicely.

Skills and Competencies: In this section, all the qualities and specialties regarding the candidate's job should be mentioned. It should be mentioned in a manner that the employer finds it really difficult to ignore. All the skills and responsibilities should be listed here.

  • Can perform Stain grade trim work
  • Hanging of doors and windows
  • Can do the layout for stairs and common rafters
  • Proficient in reading blur prints
  • Can do all the mathematical calculations required
  • Can apply analytical skills to do the material estimation
  • Expert skills in making the cabinets for kitchen

Interpersonal & Communication skills:

  • Capable of understanding all verbal and written instruction
  • Should be good at maintaining and establishing relationship with the parties offering business
  • Good decision making skills at crucial times

Work Summary:

1. Woodland Wooden works
Designation: Assistant Carpenter
Duration: Jan 2005 to Apr 2007

2. Decorators Wooden Works
Designation: Carpenter
Duration: Jun 2007 to Apr 2009

3. Wonders Wooden House
Designation: carpenter
Duration: May 2009 to Aug 2011

Educational Background:

  • Graduated High School in 2001
  • Bachelors in carpentry in 2004 ( Leed University, L.A)
  • Diploma in carpentry in 2005 (Leed University, L.A)

Achievements: In this section, the candidate should be writing about all the extraordinary experiences and awards in context with their work.

  • Good commendation with numerous customers for good and satisfactory job
  • Referrals for big budget projects, due to perfect work


Mr. Joseph Clinton

Mr. Steven Mark
Dream housing and construction

A Carpenter resume reflects all the skills and qualities of a carpenter in such a manner that the recruiter has no scope left for ignoring the resume and the candidate. It should be convincing enough, so that the interview call is guaranteed.

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