Auto Mechanic Resume

Auto Mechanic Resume

An Auto Mechanic resume needs to be designed very carefully, as for an Auto Mechanic, his skills are very essential, they are judged on the basis of the skills they possess. The job role of an Auto Mechanic is a very tough task, as they have to diagnose the problems in the automobiles, and treat them in the earliest time possible. They are judged with the speed of diagnosing the accurate problem in the vehicle, and giving it the right treatment. The Mechanic can be either dealing with all the aspects of a vehicle, or could be dealing with only specific areas of the vehicle. An Auto Mechanic's job is to repair either a specific part, or could be an assembly of parts.

There have been so much advancement in the field of Mechanics that a Mechanic also does not have to do any mechanical task anymore; it has moved on to electronics, to quite an extent. The Mechanics also need to be aware of the electronics technology, as the technology today has moved on to the electronic aspect, more than Mechanics. The duties performed by an Auto Mechanic also includes things like: repairing and maintaining breaks, adjusting and relining the brakes, aligning the front end, replacing and repairing the shock absorbers and a lot more. Their task also includes talking to customers, and enquiring about the problems in their vehicle, and then discussing everything, right from the process of repairing to the budget involved.

We can understand the job role of an Auto Mechanic with a lot of ease, if we go through the resume sample attached below; it will help you know what the job roles of an Auto Mechanic are, and also, how to craft an efficient resume for an Auto Mechanic.

Sample Resume of an Auto Mechanic:

Wace road, L5M5U2
Contact: 001-413-7239-111

10TH OCTOBER, 2011

CAREER OBJECTIVES: - To become efficient at all the tasks that comes under the job role of an Auto Mechanic professional. To become capable of diagnosing and repairing every problem in a vehicle. Looking for a job in a reputed firm or organization where I can get an opportunity to show my skills.


  • Can offer good customer services, and can resolve maximum problems of the customers, providing them complete satisfaction
  • Latest and upgraded knowledge about all the tools and equipment
  • Expert skills at repairing all categories of automobiles; vans, trucks etc.
  • Experience in tasks like alignment of front end, budget involved in repairing any specific part or an assembly, expert diagnosis of the error in the vehicle.
  • Also capable of repairing vehicles, steering system, air conditioning, fuel, electrical, exhaust and cooling.


Duration: Jan 2006 to April 2009
Designation: Auto Mechanic

  • To do removal of engines and transmitters using a wrench and hoists
  • Repairing and overhauling the vehicles
  • Rebuilding and welding of parts like crankshafts and cylindrical blocks, using equipment like lathe, sharper, drill machines.
  • Disassembling and inspecting each part for damages, using calipers, micrometers and thickness gauge.

Duration: May 2009 to July 2011
Designation: Recreation coordinator

  • Assistance to senior mechanics in diagnosing and repairing of the vehicles
  • To manage the tasks of rewiring the ignition systems, lights and instrumental panel
  • Checking tires, lubricating plugs, and changing air filters
  • Replacing and repairing parts like: - gears, pistons, bearing, rods and valves
  • Manage the tasks like filling the dents, welding the broken parts


  • High school from Saint Josephs in the year 2003.
  • 2yrs diploma course in automobile studies in year 2005.
  • 1 yr of certification in automobile technology.


For reference, kindly contact -
Mr. Mark Jones
Chief Engineer (xyz automobile organization)

An Auto Mechanic's resume should be crafted in a manner where all his skills and responsibilities hold the most importance. The impact of an Auto Mechanic falls on an employer only by seeing his skills. So, the resume should be efficiently designed focusing majorly on the skills of the individual. This page will also give you sample for airline maintenance technician resume for free.

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