Airline Maintenance Technician Resume

Airline Maintenance Technician Resume

Airline Maintenance Technician resume is designed for the individuals who have the mechanics certificate issued by the FAA (federal Aviation Administration). These individuals are supposed to do supervision and maintenance of aircrafts. There are a set of certain certified rules which are needed to be followed during the maintenance of airlines. These airlines give the responsibilities of the maintenance to the AMT's. These Airlines Maintenance Technicians have to supervise each and every technical issue, they inspect if there is any error emerging, and it is their duty to fix them up.

To get the mechanic certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration, there is a set eligibility the candidate needs to have, the criteria fixed up for these technicians say:

  • Should be minimum 18 years or older
  • Should be able to pass a set of required tests within a maximum time span of 24 months
  • Should be meeting the experience and the educational requirements
  • Should be able to read, speak and understand the English language

The candidate who satisfies all the requirements is issued with the certificate of FAA, and can join as the Airline Maintenance technicians. It is a crucial job role; you need to be fully alert while performing this task of inspection and the supervision of aircrafts.

The tests which are conducted are done to check the ability and the performances. This test would enable the employer to know your knowledge and how strong your academics in this context are. It totally depends on the ability to perform in the test. After passing the tests the candidates are sent through a training program, which enable them to get equipped with all the practices that would be needed during their task.

There is a sample resume attached below, it is of an Airline Maintenance Technician. It is added in context to make it simpler for the fresher and the experienced and can make modifications with the help of this.

Sample Resume of Airline Maintenance Technician


2254 Archer road,

20th September, 2011

Summary of objectives: All your goals and aims in your life should be mentioned in this section. It could be like the candidate wants to be a respectful and responsible Maintenance Technician in the organization, where he/she can get to prove all his skills and knowledge.

Core Competencies: In this section, it should be all about the skills and qualities possessed by the candidate. All the responsibilities played by the candidate yet, should be mentioned.

  • Possessing complete knowledge of the aircraft and procedures related to maintenance
  • Entire knowledge of all the maintenance systems, mechanical control systems, heating and cooling systems
  • Should be aware of each and every application, and operation of the aircraft
  • Candidate should know all the rules and regulations of FAA
  • Decision making, problem solving, analytical and communication skills should be really polished.

Experience Summary: In this section, you have to explain all the work experience gained, before including the name of the organization, time duration you served them for, and also the designation you were there on.

ABC Aviation Company
Duration: 2nd February 2008 to 11th March 2010
Designation: Maintenance Engineer
Role: In this section, you have to write all the skills and roles you have played in your previous job role.

STU Flying Company
Duration: 2nd April 2010 to 1st Oct 2011
Designation: Chief Maintenance Engineer
Role: Similarly here also you have to mention all the duties that you were assigned with and all the job roles that you have been doing yet.

Educational Qualification: In this section, mention all your academic credentials, right from school to university. The name of the school and the name of the university have to be there. Mention the year of passing, and the percentage of the marks or grades scored.

Reference: mention any reference if you have got, else do not write about the reference at all.

The Airline Maintenance Technicians resume should be crafted very neatly; it should be giving the complete idea about the candidate's personality, qualities and the skills. It should convince the employer well, so that he/she calls the candidate for an interview.

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