Navy Resume

The navy or Naval Force of any nation functions for the safety and security measures associated with water front or port operations. It functions with close coordination with marine which supports navy in land based operations. Thus, navy or Naval Force is one of the Nation's Armed Forces and tactically performs a variety of operations relating to warfare and intelligence functions. It involves a number of functions as a whole and hence, there are a variety of vacancies in the Naval Force based on technical and supporting services.

Navy resume should focus on the key skills and abilities according to the navy ratings you are applying for. The personnel associated with field work are assumed to have the following skills and expertise.

  • Alert and constantly focused mind with good analytical abilities
  • Sound understanding of the concepts relating to the particular field
  • Tactical and strategic issues relating to security and control measures
  • Expertise in defense studies and tactical communication involved with the services of defense
  • Familiarity with navigation systems and language coding
  • Good coordination and organization skills

Thus, you have to decide the contents of the resume according to the specific rating you are applying for. Your previous experience in the field would be given due consideration and hence, you have to draft the resume including your skills, talent and expertise in discharging duties linked with the post.

Here is the resume drafted for 'Intelligence Specialist' (IS) which is one of the United States Navy Ratings.

Sample Navy Resume

Martin I. Curtiss
852 Junkins Avenue
Albany, GA 31701


With widely gained expertise in providing intelligence and security services as a Security Specialist in US Army, I am looking for the position of Intelligence Specialist in US Navy and wish to serve our nation's defense force and be a part of Naval Intelligence Community.


  • Expertise in managing investigation, security, and intelligence issues
  • Preparation and maintenance of intelligence reports in relation to the Army affairs
  • Proficient in dealing with analytical tasks and interpretation of data
  • Preparation and presentation of the findings of surveys or observations carried out as a part of intelligence functions


  • Well acquainted with computer intelligence systems required for analysis and interpretation of the collected data
  • Good at handling technical matters and tactical issues
  • Strong interpersonal abilities and classification of data
  • Well acquainted with Department of Defense (DOD) issues

Technical skills:

  • Expertise in handling software applications necessary for intelligence data analysis and interpretation
  • Preparation of graphs, charts, and summarized reports with the help of computer systems for management decision making
  • Expertise in handling Microsoft power presentation and Microsoft excel functions
  • Acquainted with the advanced developments in the area of computers which would be supplementary for carrying out intelligence functions


An Advanced Intelligence Course

Professional experience:

Security Specialist; IA 0075-68 Department of the Army, Field Operating Offices of the Office of the Secretary of the Army; 2009 - till date

  • Familiar with paramilitary operations and the linked issues
  • Collection, classification, and interpretation of intelligence data
  • Preparation of intelligence reports with the help of computer systems and presentation of it before Army Officers of the Department of Defense
  • Handling security and control functions linked with army operations and help defense department in solving security issues
  • Offer supporting functions and assistance in accomplishment of the military missions


  • Completed a Bachelor's in Arts with specialization in 'Defense Studies'
  • Accomplished a Security Education Training and Awareness' (SETA) Program
  • A diploma course in 'Management Information Systems'
  • Attended a training program on 'Analytical Skills Development and Report Writing'

Personal Details:

  • Citizen of United States of America
  • Good physical attributes and personality traits


  • A life time member of ' Security Education and Training Association' formed for development of a sense of dedication and devotion towards National Defense Services

A navy functions for the security and protection issues relating to ocean or sea operations of the particular country. You have to list different skills, qualifications, and expertise according to the rank you are applying for and decide about the contents of the resume.

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