Marine Resume

Marine is a military force which functions under the authority of the navy. It is strongly associated with the naval force. It is amphibious and supports naval operations. It can be formed under navy, army or as an independent force. Usually it is formed at the war time to attack, capture or destroy enemy vessels and completion of specific tasks for which it is formed. It involves a variety of tasks such as boarding, attacking, assisting coast guard in preventing piracy and smuggling. Thus, The Marine Corps provides supporting services to the Nation's Naval Force usually relating to supporting land operations for efficient management of Navy.

In this way, The Marine Corps provides a variety of assisting services to the Navy. It discharges a list of functions as follows.

  • Providing intelligence services to the Navy
  • Help to accomplish the different tasks such as attacking, destroying marine vessels of pirates or smugglers or the enemy
  • Offers land based operations support to naval force and hence it is considered as a division of the Navy
  • Helps coast guard in boarding, port security, and wartime operations
  • Providing training in relation to land based operations

Thus, the Marine Corps and the Navy has different objectives or aims to achieve. They are formed for altogether different reasons. But often they work together for accomplishment of overall objective of the Department of Defense. While writing marine resume you have to focus the key skills and accomplishments in the field.

Sample Marine Resume

Charles C. Holmes
803 Murry Street
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
[email protected]


With expertise in managing land based military operations and successful accomplishment of various missions, I would like to work as a Special Operations Marine for US Marine Corps and effectively contribute to the Department of Defense.


  • Expertise in managing a variety of functions relating to the Army operations
  • With wide experience of 9 years learned different tactical and strategic ways to handle military operations effectively and efficiently
  • Provided result oriented services to the Army and discharged the duties efficiently and in line with the rank of Corporal
  • Have 120 on the GT composite scorecard which is more than minimum requirement for the post
  • Achieved a 'first class score' on the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test with a score of 280


  • Versatile personality having strong physical features and capable of handling land based operations
  • Technically sound knowledge base and expert in reporting
  • Good mathematical and quantitative aptitude
  • Good leadership qualities and capable of handling challenging job with full dedication
  • Good integration and organization skills

Technical skills:

  • Well acquainted with different vehicles and ammunitions used for accomplishment of land based operations
  • Completed a training program on the development of innovative and unique approaches to warfare
  • Proficient in 'Military Vehicle Computing Systems' build for the harshest environments
  • Expertise in tactical communications, disaster management and good analytical skills


Know different languages as follows.

  • French
  • Japanese
  • German
  • English

Professional experience:

Army Officer US Army, The Department of Defense 2002 - till date

  • Assisted in providing operational control and security functions as an active duty personnel
  • Accomplishment of given targets by providing expert assistance linked with amphibious operations
  • boarding, attacking, destroying, capturing the enemy vessels as per given orders at war time
  • Assessment and review of tactical plans and required modifications
  • Follow up of internal defense doctrine while discharging duties linked with the post


  • Completed my graduation from United States Military Education and training Programs
  • Completed a certificate course in 'Marine Corps Special Operations' at Camp Lejeune
  • A diploma course in ammunition and security management in relation to the Department of Defense


  • Received 'Combat Action Badge Award' for efficiently accomplishing the different tasks associated with given missions


  • An active participant of the social association working for solving the social issues and arranging a series of programs for creating social awareness

The Marine Corps and the Navy functions together. The Marine Corps provides amphibious support to the Navy and usually functions as a division of the Navy. But it can also function independently and they are responsible for accomplishment of overall Department of Defense objective. So, while writing resume for the post you have to focus on the relevant credentials, training programs attended, skills, and experience.

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