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Looking for a job of pride and dignity, military jobs are the best option. Applying for a military job would require one to draft an impressive military resume, which can present the candidature with the desired message.

The Military resume samples provided here can not only be used by candidates, but also those who write resumes on a commercial basis. The list of sample resumes below is the best place to find a comprehensive collection of different military resumes. Here you will find resume examples of both types of military resumes, one written for applying to military jobs and the other written for military personnel applying for civil jobs. In both the cases, the skill-sets in the desired candidate are mostly same with some variations. Therefore when you are writing a military resume, you must be sure of skill-sets and qualities you wish to highlight and promote.

To identify the skills and personal attributes in a candidate, which must be conveyed through the military resume, one can refer to the job description. To help you with, we have made an attempt to summarize certain skills common to all military job profiles.

Skills to be conveyed through military resume

  • Loyalty
  • Confidence
  • Punctuality
  • Hard and smart work
  • Self discipline
  • Consistency
  • Self initiative
  • Motivation
  • Meticulous work style
  • Etcetera

Other than these, technical expertise would be an added requirement for any specific job opportunity. While referring to the military resume examples listed below, it is alone not enough to identify the required skill-sets and include them in the resume. The resume itself should look attractive, as only then would it be able to grab the employers' attention. If the first look itself is not impressive, employers may tend to ignore your resume, making all efforts put in worthless. You can follow the below given guidelines to draft an attractive military resume.

Grabbing employers' attention

An effective resume is one, which can not only grab the attention, but retain it till the last, and finally convince the employers to call you for the personal interview rounds. The following tips would help you achieve the purpose convincingly.

  1. Cover letter: A befitting cover letter sent along with the military resume can be an effective tool to grab the attention, which can later be guided to the resume. You may refer to resume cover letter examples for relevant information. The cover letter, along with introducing your resume, would also provide additional space to market your candidature. You can use the platform provided by the cover letter to highlight the specific skills included in the resume. If used effectively, you can even mask the weak areas of the resume.

  2. Layout: The layout is the second important factor which can make your resume visually appealing, and grab the attention. It should be formal and compatible with the professional standards followed in the industry. The layout selected would also depend upon the number of pages and the way you would like to include the details. If you use a tabular format, then the space required would be more, and should be avoided for lengthy resumes. The layout would also determine the ease of accessibility of information in your resume, and can be a derogatory aspect, if designed shabbily.

  3. Language: Always use simple language which is comprehensible with proficiency levels at par with the job profile. Avoid using industrial jargons, which may cause unwanted distractions.

  4. Flow: Maintain a uniform flow throughout. Do not share least important details at the beginning, which may discourage the employers' from viewing your military resume further. The recommended format could be:

    1. Name
    2. Contact details
    3. Career summary (for experienced candidates)
    4. Work experience
    5. Academic qualifications
    6. Awards and achievements
    7. Memberships and affiliations
    8. Interest and hobbies
    9. Personal details (mostly required for international job applications)
    10. References
    11. Declaration (optional)
    12. Signature, name, date and place

  5. Uniformity: Uniformity is important to retain the professional look. Follow a preset format. You may use MS Word format tools for the desired effect. Uniformity would ensure that the attention is retained.

  6. Relevancy: Even if the above given criteria are met, but information shared is irrelevant or non supportive to the candidature, it can still discourage the employers from considering your candidature. Always try to maintain a balance among all the factors for maximum impact.

The information given above, if implemented in true sense, would help you to draft a remarkable military resume, through which you will be able to present your candidature effectively, and be able to win the interview call.

We hope the military resume samples given below and the useful tips for grabbing the attention would help you win the job opportunity.

Sample Military Resumes

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