Medical Receptionist Resume

A medical receptionist resume is found to be of use while applying for the job of a receptionist with a hospital or a clinic. This position requires an applicant to be good at organizing patient data and handling patients' appointments at the hospital. He has to take phone calls, make appointments, prepare prescription forms for the patients, keep the doctor up-to-date with the number of appointments for the day, manage the crowd of patients waiting for their turn and so on. So, basically, he is doing the work of HR management as well as administration. In a smaller clinic, his scope of responsibility increases in contrast to his job at a big hospital, where these jobs are clearly defined and entailed to a number of employees like assistant receptionists and administration staff.

In order to be a medical receptionist, one need not be highly educated; he needs to be a high school pass-out and good in communication, both written and verbal. In terms of his training, a small training of limited period is required, it is more of an on-the-job training, where the employee sees and learns.

Following is a medical receptionist resume sample

Frank Costello
42-Ebony St
Albany, CA 94706
(510) 661-2341
[email protected] December 26, 2011


To secure a job as a medical receptionist and deliver high standards of medical service to all the patients.


  • 5 years of experience as a medical receptionist
  • Worked at prestigious hospital like St. Christian Hospital
  • Good with multi-tasking- handling reception, cashier's role, taking phone calls, managing patients, keeping doctor up-to-date about appointments, etc
  • Good at dispensary functions like giving medicines, taking care of the medical inventory and keeping the administration in loop.
  • Strong attention towards detail to ensure immaculate work record- taking care that there are no appointment overlaps and no commotion in the patients' waiting area.

Skill Set

  • Good communication skills, good at talking and explaining procedures to the patients.
  • Excellent coordination skills between the patients and the doctor
  • Calm attitude and a thinking mind thus ensuring no or minimal contradicting situations
  • Ability to learn fast and familiar with medications, thanks to my past experience of 5 years.
  • Swift, alert and diligent in my day-to-day working

Other Skills

  • Can handle and assist with dispensary work.
  • Good with computers; good knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel

Work Experience

  • Albany Family Health Centre
    Receptionist (2009-2011)

    • Effectively handled the reception desk
    • Handling all the phone calls and fixing appointments
    • Maintaining up-to-date record of schedules, reschedules and out-patient details
    • Preparing prescription forms, filling in medical charts, and preparing medical bills for the patients

  • Graham Hoskins' Memorial Hospital
    Receptionist (2007-2009)

    • Taking care of all reception duties
    • Assisted pharmacist with stocking and record keeping of the medicines
    • Kept up-to-date cash registers record and submitting the same to the management on weekly basis
    • Managing patients and guiding them through registration procedure

  • Browning Hospital
    Clinic Assistant

    • Getting the patients ready for wound dressing and giving anesthesia
    • Preparing and sterilizing equipment for stitches and other minor treatment
    • Assisting the staff in emergency care and other basic office duties
    • Handling logistics like equipment, stationary and electricity back up for the office


  • Diploma in Medical reception management, XYZ School of Medicine
  • High School graduate in Science, ABC College


  • Implemented and took care of automated teller machine and file update systems, thus boosting up the intra-communication facility at Albany Family Health Centre.
  • Effectively handled the patient registration procedure at every office where I worked, thus maintaining an impressive track record.


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So this is how a medical receptionist resume is written. This flow is in accordance to the combination resume format that stresses on the applicant's skills and work-experience, thus straightaway, offering the reader with all the work-related information about you. This ensures that the reader does not spend too much time on thinking about whether or not you fit the bill. While writing a resume, it is important for you to put only the relevant information in the resume. For e.g., in this resume, there is no need to put in the information about you being a state-level basketball player, as this information is completely irrelevant to the job. So, take care while writing the resume and refer to as many samples as necessary before drafting your own medical receptionist resume.

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