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Marketing Resume

A marketing resume is one of the most important resumes searched on the internet, as marketing happens to be such a diverse and multi faceted job. The term "marketing" is as general as possible, as there are a number of specific jobs which come under marketing. On this page, you will not only come across the work profile of a marketing executive, and the scope and opportunities that the job provides, but also tips on going about preparing a marketing resume.

Work Profile of a Marketing Executive

"Marketing" is an extremely general term. It is a field which demands all of the following- creativity, strategizing, immense organizing, budget management, target estimation, and drive to make some kind of an impact on the society. If you possess all of these qualities, then yes, you are made for marketing. If you possess one of these qualities but excel at it, then you may need to brush up on the others, in order to be a marketing executive. Let us have a quick look at how these different qualities come to define the job of marketing-

Strategizing a Marketing based Resume

You are entering into the foray of marketing, so you should already have a strong idea of the USP of a commodity, and the way the seller is going to pitch the product to its prospective buyers. Similarly, you may "sell" your best qualities and explain why you are the most appropriate person for the job through your marketing resume. While maintaining an air of professionalism, try to create a self-assured resume which is persuasive as well as eye-catching, highlighting on the very best it can offer, depending upon your previous work experience and the skills you possess for the job at hand.

Let us begin with the start of the marketing resume. First comes the Personal Information, where you need to include the essentials like your Name, Residential Address, Residential Landline Number (if any), Personal Cell phone Number (if any), and Personal Email Id.

Next, we come to the Objective part of the resume. This is the first place on the resume, where you let your marketing skills show through. Concentrate on your previous successes, and try to speak in terms of how your past achievements tie into your immense potential, which will only prove to be beneficial for the company when it comes to productivity. Given below is an example to give you a better idea of what we are talking about here-


Look forward to extend the success garnered from my previous years of experience in organizing highly effective marketing campaigns, by offering your esteemed institution my services and dedication, so that we may together enjoy the highs borne out of our collective efforts.

When it comes to Previous Work Experience part of the resume, you should focus on the prestige and respect commanded by the companies, which previously hired you. If a company you worked for is not particularly well known by name, but happens to be a Fortune 500 company, well then, make sure to mention that it is a Fortune 500 company! In the job description, mention what kind of roles you played at the company, and highlight your achievements.

Then we have the Skills Relevant to the Job section, which is basically a list of all the personality traits, abilities and technical knowledge that you hold, which is most suitable to a marketing job. For example, organizing skills, communication skills, creativity, these are some of the skills which will come in handy for various aspects of marketing.

Finally, you need to mention your Academic Qualifications on your marketing resume. You could either mention your entire educational background in full detail or just the highest degree you have attained, along with the name of the university you attained it from, as well as the year you completed your college course.

Marketing is all about the way you talk and operate with people, so obviously personal interviews will be as important while deciding on the candidate selection during recruitment. However, an impressive marketing resume will create an excellent first impression, making the latter rounds far simpler!

Sample Marketing Resumes

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