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Manager Resume is written for a manager, who needs a new job or is looking for a change. Manager is a position which is a very crucial and responsible position for any organization. Manager needs to be very careful while creating his/her resume, as in most cases they try and write everything in the resume, and this elongates the size of the resume. The size of the resume needs to be short and precise, as a long resume reflects less of professionalism, and does not lie under the format of a proper business letter. A manager's resume should be highlighting everything necessarily, right from the academics to experience. Managers resume should be written in a manner that can easily give an employer the complete idea about the candidate's personality. A manager should be having a lot of skills, along with the managerial qualities, so that he/she can fulfill the duties flawlessly. Manager can be performing duties in any of the aspects, be it accounts, finance, computers or manufacturing etc., the manager's main task in any organization is to manage the tasks and accomplish it successfully.

A manager should have good leadership qualities, so that he/she can make the staff under them work in the best way possible and get the best output out of them. Manager should be foresighted, as it will help in making plans for future, and will reduce the risk factors in any work. Manager should be capable enough of building the right coordination with the staff, working under him/her to avoid chaotic situations. A manager should be having few really important skills, as having these skills and qualities will make them a better performer in their jobs.

Some of the basic qualities are:

  • Leadership: Manager should be having leadership qualities, as this will help in organizing and getting the work done properly.
  • Communication skills: There should be no issues with the language, as a manger needs to interact with a lot of people working under him/her.
  • Division of Work: The manager needs to be capable of recognizing what work should be done by whom. Work division should be done sensibly by a manager.
  • Decision making: Manager needs to have good decision making skills, especially in difficult situations.

Manager resume should be written to enlighten all the qualities of a manager, along with the potential he/she has to accomplish any work. A sample of manager resume is added below, for the help of those, who need to create their resume, and also for those who need to modify their resume.

Sample of Manager Resume:

Richard Jones
223, Mississauga


2nd December, 2011


I am a very honest person, I believe in full justice with my work. I have always had a positive attitude towards life, and I never give up on my targets, I have the confidence of my hard work and other technical skills. I am experienced in this field for 6 years now, and I am very interested in learning new things throughout my life.


Mention your goals in life, like you want to become the managing director of some multinational company in the coming 10 years, or that is where you see yourself 10 years down the line. Your resume should reflect your transparency in thoughts. So make it clear and simple.

Educational qualification:

This section should be containing the summary of your education, and also along with the name of the institutions and year of passing.

  • Masters in commerce from the George Brown University in 2004
  • Bachelors in Commerce from the George Brown University in 2002
  • Diploma in human resources from the Detroit University in 1999

Employment summary:

This section should be mentioning about the experiences which you have had working with other organizations. The employment summary should have the designation as well as the time duration for which you have served the organization mentioned in it.

ABC Group of Company
Designation: Assistant Manager
Duration: Feb 2004 to Jan 2007

XYZ Group of Company
Designation: Manager
Duration: March 2007 to Nov 2011

This is one of the best formats for Manager Resume that can be followed. It will help in explaining almost all the qualities in the personality of a candidate applying for the position of a manager. Visit sample for marketing manager resume, format for assistant manager resume and administration manager resume sample for free of cost.

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