Administration Manager Resume

Administration manager's role is to keep smooth functioning of organizational operations and support other departments to establish integration of different functions. It is he who makes available all the daily requirements of the various departments and is responsible for a number of tasks such as correspondence, coordination of various functions, managing different organizational issues relating to policies and procedures.

While writing an administration resume you have to focus on expertise in discharging all these functions and duties associated with the position. Your resume should include the following points.

  • Your credentials and skills complementing the job profile of an administrator
  • Expertise in releasing managerial, secretarial, and clerical functions
  • Your performance in extracurricular activities helpful to perform managerial duties
  • Professional experience acquired in the particular field
  • Additional remarkable achievements in connection with administration and organizational functions
  • Precision in handling software functions

Thus, administration manager needs to perform a number of tasks and duties, hence, while writing such a resume you need to highlight excellence in providing all these services and facilities, your expertise in handling administration functions, and skills complementing the job profile.

Administration Manager Resume

Quinn N. Heiner
489 Nash Street
Chicago, IL 60606

Objective: To be associated with the organization which gives me sufficient opportunity for personal growth and development, where I can prove my potential in discharging issues associated with the administration position.


  • Good at performing managerial and operational functions
  • Excellence in managing Management Information Systems issues (MIS) and operations
  • Expertly managed various responsibilities as an administrator
  • 2 years of experience as a assistant clerk and admin manager


  • Strong communication skills
  • Good leadership qualities and integration skills
  • Excellence in handling issues associated with policies and procedures
  • Good at correspondence, record keeping, and daily clerical functions
  • Well aware of all the functions as an administrator

Technical Skills:

  • Handled accounting software applications
  • Good at Microsoft word, excel, and presentation skills
  • Expertise in handling basic software applications required for daily routine operations
  • Familiar with various software programs with the help of different coding systems


A certificate course in Operations and Administration Management

Professional Experience:

Administrator, RP Mfg. Industries Ltd., 4940 Terry Lane Orlando, FL 32801 2000-2009

  • Handled the duties of office administration
  • Provided assistance to executive for policy forming and implementation of the same based on careful and scientific analysis of the reports
  • Dealt with issues associated with organizational policies and procedures
  • Daily supervision of record maintenance and update the required information as per changes in organizational policies
  • To check statutory compliance with the different prevailing policies and laws

Administration Manager, Steel Mfg. Ltd., 4456 Upton Avenue, Brunswick, ME 04011; 2009 - till date

  • Helped in implementing organizational policies in association with organizational workforce and necessary documentation
  • Daily record keeping and Management Information Systems operations
  • Looking for daily routine activities
  • Dealing with supporting activities associated with recruitment, selection, growth and development of organizational work force
  • Introduction and development of business ethics and culture


  • Completed a Master's in 'Administration and Management' from the Warwickshire Business School, London in 2002
  • A diploma course in Software Skills Development
  • Attended a training program for recent developments in 'Office Administration'


  • Received the award for managing different functions and successful event organization at inter-collegiate level
  • 'The Consistent Performer Award' for managing various duties effectively and efficiently in 2010


  • An active participant of the 'Education Center Association' which provides educational facilities to the orphan children
  • Affiliated to one of the metropolitan clubs working for spreading environmental awareness and planning remedial measures for it

Administration manager is accountable for discharging various duties which enable the organization to function smoothly. It requires experience in handling such operations, coordination, organizational and managerial skills, problem solving attitude, analytical mind etc. Therefore, while writing administration manager resume you should focus your credentials, expertise, and relevant skills.

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