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A Manager in every company plays an important role. The position itself means a person who is responsible to manage the given responsibilities. He/she has a prominent role to play in the dealings of the management. He is responsible for getting the work done by the people who are working under him. All the important functions related to planning, directing, controlling and staffing are managed by the managers. A Manager is responsible for the efficiency and growth of an organization. He plays varied roles, and is questioned in both the cases of profit and loss of the organization. So, while writing a Manager's resume, you need to mention all these qualities, because they are very essential for this job. Every company looks at the qualities which a Manager should possess, and so it is essential to be found in your resume. You also need to be careful while writing your resume, because this is your first impression in the mind of the employer.

A manager's job is not easy; rather it is complex and requires many skills and qualities. It is a job of managerial level, and includes many responsibilities that a manager has to fulfill. They are not only responsible for their personal work, but they also need to motivate the team which is working under him. He has to get the best out of the team, with the help of his technical and conceptual skills. A manager should have the knowledge of different sectors such as accounting, manufacturing, computers, etc. He should be a self motivated person and should be enthusiastic as well, so that he could motivate the other members of the team.

Skills Needed in a Manager

There are various skills that are needed to be present in manager resume.

Leadership qualities and team player: A manager needs to have good leadership qualities in order to get the work done by his team. He should be a good team player as well, to cooperate and coordinate with his team.

Decision making skill: This is one of the most important qualities that a manager should possess. He has to take quick and correct decisions, so he should be smart enough to take the correct decision. There are times when a Manger has to take quick decisions and the decision should be correct and in the benefit of the company. So, a Manager should have these skills present in him.

Analytical skills and problem solving skills: He should also possess good analytical, as well as problem solving skills. There are many such problems which a manager can face in his job profile, so it is necessary that he should possess these qualities.

Able to handle the team: The job of a manager is not limited to himself; in fact, he handles a team under him. In order to get an effective result, he should be able to handle the team effectively. He needs to motivate his team time to time for better results. This is one of the most important skill that a Manager should possess. An employer always checks this skill in a candidate that whether he is able to handle a team of people under him or not.

Work under pressure: There can be various situations under which a manager has to work. These situations can be complex and diverse. So, he needs to survive and act effectively when such situations arise.

Knowledge of work at managerial level: A manager works at the managerial level. He should be smart enough to handle the complexities at his level. He needs to manage a team and coordinate with upper management. So, he needs to have proper knowledge of his designation and responsibilities.

Thus, a manager should have the qualities and skills mentioned above. He has to manage the responsibilities that are given to him, and for this purpose, he needs to have the skills mentioned above.

Sample Manager Resumes

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