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An IT recruiter is a person who recruits employees for an IT firm. Applicants applying for the post of IT recruiter must create an IT recruiter resume that reflects their expertise and knowledge in both - the field of information technology as well as recruitment. IT recruiters must portray their expertise as competent recruiters as well as their proficiency in understanding the technicalities involved in the IT field. As recruiters have good experience in handling resumes of other applicants it won't be difficult for them to construct a resume of their own. Those who are weak in constructing a resume can go through the following page to find out how to write an effective resume for the post of an IT recruiter.

Writing a resume for the post of IT recruiter involves better presentation of oneself as a recruiter who can recruit the most capable IT professionals for various positions in an IT organization. For a more appropriate construction of resume, applicants must follow certain rules and guidelines that will help in making their resumes look appropriate and appreciable. Below mentioned are some important tips and guidelines that will help applicants in writing a resume which will prove advantageous in their overall job application process.

Resume writing tips and guidelines for IT recruiter resume

  • Research: Online researching on the topic on how to frame an IT recruiter resume will help applicants in gaining more information on how to frame a resume of such kind. There are several websites providing samples on the internet which applicants can go through for further assistance.

  • Formatting: While looking at various samples available online one must take a good look at the formats available so as to use the most appropriate one while writing their own resume. Formatting is important as it helps in the better organization and presentation of the resume.

  • Formal tone: While writing the resume one must be formal and maintain an official tone of speech. Resumes are official documents and being formal while writing a resume is considered professional.

  • Highlighting the skills: Applicants must highlight their skills and capitalize on their expertise and knowledge. Recruiters will try to know what they are investing in and ascertain the applicant's potential so as to determine his/her eligibility for the post.

  • Proper description of work experience: Work experience matters as it gives the idea of applicant's are of expertise on professional grounds. Applicants must therefore write their work experience properly demonstrating the responsibilities they performed in each firm.

  • Keeping the resume brief and compact: Applicants must keep their resumes brief and short. It should be to the point and consist only of aspects that are relevant to the position. Applicants can use bulleted points wherever necessary and avoid writing large sentences and paragraphs.

  • Proof reading: It is essential to proof read the resume once writing is finished. Resumes should be drafted error free so checking of spelling and typo errors is crucially important.

By following the above tips one can surely write a resume in the most elegant and flawless manner which will be well accepted and appreciated by the recruiter and the hiring committee. Below is a sample resume if an IT recruiter that has been provided for those having difficulty in framing their own resume.

Sample IT Recruiter Resume

Nicholas K. Gailey
3557 Agriculture Lane
Huntington, WV 25705
Telephone: 282 828272

Career Objective: Seeking a position in a reputed organization where I can use my human resourcing knowledge and recruiting skills to employ professionals for the firm that will surely help in increasing the overall productivity and help in the progress of the organization.

Career Profile: Possess a professional experience of 4 years in the field of recruitment with an experience of 3 years as an IT Recruiter. Possess excellent communication skills along with expertise in software and computing.

Skills and Expertise:

  • Possess an experience of 4 years in the field of human resourcing and recruitment.
  • Possess excellent communication skills with expertise in both verbal and written communication.
  • Proficiency in planning and analysis.
  • Strong hold in the policies and procedures related to the field of IT.
  • Expertise in understanding technical information related to software and computers.
  • Proficiency in handling major operating systems like Linux, Windows, Macintosh, Unix, etc.
  • Excellent presentation skills along with good conduct and behavior.

Professional Skills:

Firm: Simona Software Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: IT Recruiter
Duration: February 2009 to February 2011

  • Primary assignment was to recruit IT professionals for the firm.
  • Responsible for conducting interview sessions.
  • Active participation in taking interviews
  • Collaborated with other members of the firm and engaged in hiring the best candidates possible for the right posts in the organization.
  • Recruited candidates through internal database, telephonic interviews, referrals, and through other mediums.

Firm: Matrix Industries Pvt. Lt
Designation: Recruiter
Duration: January 2008 to January 2009

  • Recruiting new employees for the firm
  • Organization and management of interview sessions.
  • Active participation in interview and recruitment processes.


  • Completed post graduation in human resourcing from INX Institute.
  • Completed graduation in Computer Engineering from Caltech.

I hereby declare that the information provided above is true as per my knowledge.

Enclosures: Resume, reference letters, appreciation letter.

The above sample of IT recruiter resume along with the writing tips and guidelines will surely help applicants in constructing and drafting a resume that will surely be a positive factor in the job application procedure.

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