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An IT manager resume is written by professionals who have the capability to combine the business knowledge with building such IT solutions for the companies, which can help in booming the business. These software applications are business-centric and help the management in research and analysis before a decision could be reached. An IT manager helps in the overall development of system resources and IT operations within an office. Being at this position, he has to handle various departments like project management, software testing and development, research and development cell and technical assistance cell. Being at this post, an individual requires to have good analytical and logical skills for effective problem solving. Team spirit is another indispensable trait that a person needs to have to reach to this post. Through your resume, you need to showcase your ability to handle the job responsibilities well. Underlining your outcome-based actions is a must here. Give the recruiter a quantitative and objective summary of all your accomplishments in the field. As an IT manager, you will continuously be striving for optimization and standardization of IT solutions for the benefit of your company. Following is a sample IT resume.

Steve McCartny
21 East Kenley Boulevard,
Tampa, Florida 33602
Telephone No: 813-272-5231
Email id: [email protected]

Objective Statement

To secure the position of Manager, IT department and streamline all the processes towards analyzing and optimizing IT processes for increased productivity and accurate results.

Profile Summary

  • Secured Six Sigma Green Belt certification in IT processes
  • Developed IT solutions for revitalizing the accounts section at XYZ IT Solutions
  • Worked to provide IT solutions to various top finance consultancy such as FFD, KP, etc
  • Expertise in building applications confirming with different IT environments and platforms
  • Practice and promote team spirit

Skill Summary

  • Ability to balance employees' specializations along assigning cross-functional duties, based on 'right person for right job' theory.
  • Ability to weigh options and minimize risks involved in various operations
  • Take steps in conformity to operational and budgetary resources and specialize in meeting the targets.
  • Applications development for Finance and marketing purposes
  • Built software for asset management operations for a client
  • Extensive knowledge of software testing

Other Skills

  • MS Office 2007, SQL, Ghost, Symantec, Active Directory,
  • In terms of hardware, DNS, NAT, VOIP and TCP/IP
  • Six Sigma ISO 9001-2008

Professional Experience

THX IT Solutions
IT Head (2009-2012)

  • Recruited employees for the IT department
  • Undertook a 360 degree comprehensive infra structural and production evaluation process and implemented new IT systems for optimum outcomes
  • Based the IT communications systems on an optimized customer-company interface experience, with 'ease of operation' as being our primary motive.

AV-SX Systems
IT Coordinator (2006-2007)

  • Developed market analysis systems for improved research and production forecasts facilities.
  • Helped the client company, Bill Lorex Consultancy in achieving $1.7 million turnover, with the use of our effective service solutions.
  • Propelled the company to the yearly client targets of 50 companies in Hospitality and 30 in FMCG segment.
  • Proposed projects, built on allocated and practical budgets.
  • Prepared and uploaded inventory tracking systems for our clients

Educational Qualification

  • Masters in IT systems, University of Florida, 2006
  • Bachelors in IT Communications, University of Florida, 2004


  • Used finance and marketing knowledge to help build software to enable the clients in making these decisions based on hardcore market research.
  • Secured the position of IT Auditor for one of our clients, XCV Financial, and reviewed their software and IT infrastructure.
  • Secured Six Sigma training in IT systems

This is one, standard format of an IT manager resume for you. It includes all the industry related tech-names and terms that a reader will identify at once on reading the resume. Correct usage of these terms at correct places helps in making your resume more authentic and provides it with that much-needed air of objectivity and knowledge. A recruiter, by looking at your resume, judges your intelligence and skill in the given line of work; this is the reason why your entire effort should concentrate on providing as impressing information as possible in the two pages of your resume. A well-written resume is your stepping stone to a great career in IT or any other industry under the sky.

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