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A human resources resume needs to be written with utmost of care, as human resources is a work field which has been increasing in significance on an exponential level since the past couple of decades or so. The reason for this being, an ever growing importance on keeping the workforce "happy and content".

Need for a Human Resources Department

Every intelligent company leader knows that in order to keep the business stable, you have to keep your employees satisfied otherwise there would be mass dissent, lack of motivation for work, and worse, probably the organization of a union of workers to strike against the company, effectively bringing the company operations to a standstill. It was to avoid just such a travesty that a human resources department was included into the corporate structure, as an outlet for the employees to voice their grievances and have them solved with full support of the company itself, to avoid any such disruption of day to day work. However, just redressing the problems of the employees is not the human resource department's sole purpose.

There are a number of other roles that the HR department of a company plays

The Different Roles of an HR Department

The number of duties and responsibilities that the human resources wing of the company performs is in no way limited. Here is a list of the major functions a human resources department has to fulfill in order to achieve the most efficient results, when it comes to manpower handling-

  • Hiring of new personnel - Recruitment plays a big role in human resources. Advertising for applicants for vacancies, organizing and sending out placement cells to various college campuses, conducting interviews for job candidates, going through the resumes of the candidate pool to pick the best ones, guiding the selected candidates through the orientation process et cetera.

  • Discussing leaves and other annual holidays with new employees. This includes enlightening the employees on the procedures related to compensation in the company.

  • Providing counsel to the employees to deal with professional as well as personal (office related) problems, so as to provide moral support to employees during difficult times.

  • Keeping ties with possible labor unions.

Human resource work related with employee redresser

  • Having leaves granted on request of the employee
  • Listening to remuneration related woes and acting upon it as soon as possible
  • Providing facilities such as new table, computer, lunch services, transportation services et cetera for benefit of employee, if the latter so requires

Now that we have gone through all the duties a human resources personnel has to go through, let us have a look at going about putting together a sturdy human resources resume.

Going about preparing a human resources resume

  • As usual, a human resources resume should begin with Personal Details of the candidate like Name of the Candidate, Address of the Candidate, Contact Number of the Candidate (including a residential landline, if any, a personal cell phone number, and an email id)

  • Next, move on to the Objective portion of your resume. Here you should be clear about what you plan to achieve in your time spent at the company.

    For example,


    Interested in using my managerial, communication and social skills to their fullest potential in order to serve in the human resources department of your esteemed institution.

  • Use your Previous Work Experience section wisely. Clearly mention under each job description the title (designation) you held during each tenure, promotions, if you had any, and the tasks and duties which were assigned to you. If you were lauded for your work, then make it a point to write down the awards and laurels which you received for your job. If you were involved in recruiting, mention the total number of people you recruited for each company you worked for previously. If you organized placement cells, then mention the names of all the colleges and recruitment sites/ fairs/ job expos, where you held such placement cells.

  • The Skills Relevant to the Job section should contain a bullet point list specifying each and every ability- either technical or personality based, one after the other. For a human resources based job, you may mention some of the following skills (provided you do possess them)

    • Excellent people skills
    • Stable personality with tremendous patience for interviewing multiple candidates for hours on end
    • Competent knowledge of database software like SQL and MS Excel
    • Assertive personality
    • Convincing attitude
    • Good bargaining skills
    • Ability to gauge the competency and sincerity of a person, just after a couple of interviews

  • When it comes to filling out your academic background, just make sure to mention the most prestigious degree that you have achieved from college, as well as the name of the university and the year of your graduating class

And that is pretty much it when it comes to compiling a human resources resume. Human resources is one of those jobs where personality, presence of mind and work experience take precedence over something like academic knowledge, so be sure to focus on those aspects accordingly. It would also be advisable if you start conversing with the recruiter in a relaxed and affable manner, as you are basically applying for the same job as him or her. Best of luck for your job interviews!

Sample Human Resource Resumes

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