Training Coordinator Resume

A training coordinator resume highlights the candidate's efficiency in conducting and coordinating in-house training programs for employees, depending upon their need for development, while shedding some light on his/her ability to keep a track of the employees' development, with regards to their role within the organization. A training coordinator is also subject to organize the training so that its costs are perfectly in conjunction with the budget allocated by the company. Therefore, it is important that the candidate mentions his proficiency in adhering to the training standards set by the company.

Besides, the resume of a training coordinator should also focus on the job-seeker's transferable skills such as communication skills, time management skills, researching skills, and his/her proficiency in planning and scheduling training programs. A training coordinator is also required to amend the components or the curriculum of the training materials, based on the need for the addition of more essential information, constantly working towards the development of the employees' knowledge and understanding in a specified field of interest.

Laying out the contents in a training coordinator resume

You need to express your qualities as a training coordinator effectively, placing before your reader, your understanding and experience in training coordination so far, so that all the essential information pertaining to your profession is systematically laid out, keeping in mind to respect the reader's busy schedule. A recruiter is subject to reviewing hundreds of job application for one particular position vacant within the organization; so, it is evident that he has little time to spend on each application, not more than 40 seconds on an average. Hence, it is advised that you manage to keep your resume brief, only highlighting the essential points, thereby leaving some room for the reader to follow up on your application.

You may choose to follow the layout a functional, chronological, or a combination resume, whichever is the most suitable for your profile. We have provided a free sample of a training coordinator resume for your reference, which you can use in order to give you a clear idea as to how you need to present your information. It is advisable that you follow the layout of a combination resume in this case, as it showcases your skills and abilities, while paying equal importance to your previous job descriptions. Your professional qualification should be laid out in a reverse chronological order, mentioning your most recent employment followed by the older ones. Restrict your job description to 5-7 points only, so that you will save some information to be added in your cover letter, which complements your resume in enhancing your job application.

Given below is a great example of a training coordinator resume for your reference -

Training Coordinator Resume Sample

Mr. Shawn A. Merino
1940 Oliver Street
Fort Worth, TX 76147
Phone: (817) 283-0780
Email: [email protected]


Seeking the opportunity as a training coordinator to assist in the growth of your employees' skills and abilities, aimed at increasing their productivity, thereby contributing to the advancement of your establishment, while developing my own skills to guide me towards the source of knowledge within the field of interest.


  • Expert in written and verbal communication and interaction
  • Familiar with procedure development
  • Highly efficient in the adherence to cost-effective budgeting
  • Possess a multicultural understanding
  • Proficient in performance evaluation and personnel supervision
  • Languages known - English, Spanish, Italian


H.J. Wills & Co, Dallas, TXTraining AssistantMay 2009 till present
Job Description:

  • Assist the training coordinator in the design and development of training and apprenticeship programs
  • Monitor the performance of the individuals undergoing on the job training
  • Determine the need of training for existing employees
  • Assist the training coordinator in the preparation of training schedules
  • Provide assistance to the training coordinator during training sessions and ensure the availability of all the required training materials
  • Monitor the maintenance of classrooms and conference rooms to keep them ready for training programs


Diploma in Instructional Systems
Fort Worth Institute of Communication Technology
Secured 76.44%
Bachelor of Arts
University of Texas
Placed in Grade B


Mr. Johnny Henninger
Training Coordinator - H.J. Wills & Co
Email: [email protected]

Mr. Albert R. Nichols
HR Manager - H.J. Wills & Co
Phone: (312) 351-3099
Email: [email protected]

While referring to the above sample of the training coordinator resume, remember to customize its contents, so as to make your resume look more personal.

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