Human Resource Assistant Resume

A human resource assistant resume reflects the candidate's knowledge in various aspects of human resource management such as recruitment, employment, training and development, organizational development, HRIS, administration etc. The resume of a human resource assistant also showcases his/her understanding in other HR practices like performance evaluation and appraisal, employee benefits, policy making, work schedule management, payroll management, employee compensation, induction, workforce planning and management, employee attendance reports etc.

You, being a candidate seeking a job for the position of a human resource assistant, should design your resume in such a way that it efficiently portrays your capabilities, while directing the recruiter's attention towards your professional and academic history.

A human resource executive's resume should consist of the following contents:

  • Your personal details, including your name, address, phone number and e-mail address

  • A career objective expressing your career interests and goals, in sync with the field of human resource management

  • A skills and accomplishments section following your career objective, to briefly enlist your skills and abilities pertaining to your profession. You need to include your organizational skills as well as your transferable skills. You may choose to exclude the accomplishments part of this section, if you only have mundane achievements to mention.

  • Your professional qualification, including the details of your previous employment such as the name and location of the employer, duration of the employment, your designation within the company and your job description in brief.

  • Your educational background in brief, including the name of your degree and the institution or university, its location, the year of course completion and grades obtained

  • Finally, include a references section if the employer or the recruiter has specified you to do so

Given below is a free sample of a human resource executive resume for your reference.

Human Resource Assistant Resume Sample

Mr. Michael L. McClinton
4045 Brannon Street
Los Angeles, CA 90057
Phone: (213) 339-2193
Email: [email protected]


Seeking an opportunity as a human resource assistant to explore the line of human resource management, while sharing the vision of your organization in order to facilitate the advancement of its employees' performance, thereby acquiring and developing essential organizational skills and knowledge.


  • Deep understanding in the process of recruitment and selection
  • Good knowledge of various types of training and development programs
  • Highly proficient in time management and work schedule management
  • Excellent formal communication skills - verbal and written
  • Carrying a straight disposition instead of a concealed diplomatic personality
  • Proficient with the usage of MS Office Works
  • Sound knowledge of policy planning and implementation


Olson Electronics, Los Angeles, CAHR executiveSep 2010 till Nov 2011
Job Description:

  • Coordinate with the HR manager to determine the number of staffs needed for various departments
  • Recruit candidates, conduct interviews, and provide essential training (in-house) for recently joined employees
  • Maintain a record of the employees' performance, attendance, and behavior to facilitate quarterly and annual performance appraisals
  • Ensure the safety of the workforce
  • Oversee the employees' concerns/issues and suggest suitable measures, aimed at boosting employee satisfaction
  • Responsible for payroll activities

Network Air, Santa Clarita, CAHR TraineeJan 2009 till Jun 2010

Job Description:

  • Conduct telephonic interviews of job applicants and schedule appointments for interviews
  • Responsible for the preparation and distribution of employee IDs and badges
  • Maintain a record of the readings of the biometric system to facilitate attendance records and payroll activities
  • Report unacceptable behaviors of employees and take appropriate actions against them
  • Coordinate with the HR executives in performance appraisals and employee benefit programs
  • Make arrangements for induction and training programs of recently joined employees


Masters in Human Resource Management
Los Angeles State University
Bachelor of Computer Applications
Hemet Institute of Technical Studies
Grade A

The above example of the human resource assistant resume will definitely give you clarity on the arrangement of your professional details in an effective manner. If you are a candidate with no experience, then you need to add more information in the key skills section, so as to express your skills and capabilities to the recruiter.

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