Health Care Administrator Resume

A health care administrator resume is written by an individual with an appropriate degree in MBA and/ health care.

The field of health care is changing radically day by day. With new developments every day, it becomes important for the doctors and the drug manufacturing companies to keep up the pace. Knowledge of the field plays a very important role in securing top executive positions in this field. Apart from knowledge, an impressive resume with good work experience is important.

Be it the first section ' objective statement' or the last section 'affiliations', there are certain fixed structures to a resume. The writer can choose his option accordingly and follow the structure. It is important that your resume has a recall value to it so that the recruiter doesn't forget you soon. To make such a mark on him, a carefully written resume, clearly stating your USP and achievements is important. In this particular case of a health care administrator, the resume will act as a document providing all the details concerning his career objective, experience, skills, achievements and educational qualifications. He will have to mention names of the pharmaceutical companies where he worked, along with the post worked at.

Following is a health care administrator resume of a person seeking a job in a hospital as the administrative head.

Charlie Malcolm
72st Apple Avenue
New Orleans 92119
(800) 645-09111


To take care of the overall administrative work of the hospital in the most competitive manner so as to provide a conducive environment for the medical staff to work in.

Profile/ Summary

  • Senior administrative officer with CCR Hospital, New Orleans
  • 14 years of solid experience in the field of operations management in medical field.
  • Highly skilled team leader
  • Note-worthy success in framing of financial policies and good track record of meeting of deadlines through the right allocation of human resource.
  • Outstanding communication skills

Skill Set

  • Impeccable track record in strategic planning and arrangements
  • Friendly with patients, and able to think from their point of view, in order to provide for better environment.
  • Experience at handling large crowd of patients even under stressful working conditions

Computer Skills

  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel
  • Internet savvy

Work Experience

  • CDS Hospital, New Orleans
    Administrative officer (2009 till Present)

    • Augmented nursing operations development program and took initiatives to upgrade the out patient facilities.
    • Upgraded the operation theater and intensive care unit facilities with latest clinical equipment.
    • Arranged for better house keeping facilities.
    • Took steps to eliminate the growing cases of wrong lawsuits against our doctors, by introducing stringent and transparent paperwork.

  • ABC Hospital, New Orleans
    Administrative officer (2006- 2009)

    • Headed the administrative department
    • Worked towards quality improvement of resource allotment and utilization
    • Introduced the practice of regular performance reviews of our doctors and other staff alike.
    • Realigned the medicine procurement and disbursement procedures.
    • Organized training at regular intervals for the hospital workforce and introduced team building processes.
    • Social service duties and quality management were among the top concerns for me.


  • Masters in Health care Administration


  • Due to my recruitment and employee policies, brought down the employee turnover to 10% annually.
  • Recruited more than 300 staff members during the course of my employment with the hospital. Also provided training.

This is a health care administrator resume. This is a good sample considering that everything is written in simple language without much of that technical gibberish, so that even a simple recruiter can understand what the man is talking about. The structure is simple as it's been shown here. Headings are followed by subheadings, and should be followed in the exact manner when you write your own resume. This resume has been written by a well experienced person, stressing on his good work that, he thinks, will impress the recruiter the first time he reads it. You must also do the same and flaunt your achievements and important work.

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