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Government jobs are popular among candidates for the security and stature associated with them. To apply for any government job opening, the foremost requirement is to have a government resume ready in hand. The popularity and interest for jobs in the government sector can never be ignored. This makes the sector even more competitive; and the need of a striking government resume cannot be under-estimated.

Even though private sector jobs are more lucrative, and full of opportunities, the pride of working for the nation can never be ignored. Working in the government sector brings along with it many benefits, foremost being the job security. Considering the huge number of applicants who apply for jobs in the government sector, it is always better to send the resume along with a cover letter to provide a befitting introduction. Though a government resume is an important tool to promote the candidature, importance of cover letter cannot be ignored. The cover letter helps you to create the first impression. It can grab the employers' attention, and guide it to your resume. Remember, the resume is effective only if it is reviewed by the employers; and a cover letter holds the key to bringing your resume in the limelight. For designing an impressive cover letter for your government resume, resume cover letter examples can be referred to for quick information.

The sample government resume below will provide information required for drafting the resume.

Government Resume Sample

Lee T. Adamo
2153 Clay Street
Indiana - 46225
United States
Tel: (317) 452 0424
Email: [email protected]

Career Goal: Looking for a System administrator's job with the Indiana State IT department, where I can explore my skill-sets and fulfill my job responsibilities satisfactorily, while ensuring the best of services are delivered to the nationals.

Educational Qualifications:

(Master's in Technology)
Indiana Technical University
(3500 Keystone Xing, Indianapolis, IN)
2001 - 2003GPA 5.1
(Bachelor's of Engineering, Information Technology)
Empire Engineering College
(912 W, Castleway East St, Indianapolis, IN)
1997 - 2001GPA 6.8

Work Experience:

  • Designation: IT Administrator
    Company: Tech-bytes Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (815 W Michigan St., Indianapolis, IN)
    Years: 2008 - till date

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Responsible for installation and configuration of IT equipment
    • Maintenance of complete system hardware and software, and keeping them updated
    • Provide assistance to other departments for various technical issues relating to systems
    • Ensure smooth operations at all times
    • Suggest and provide feedback to management for provisioning of IT infrastructures
    • Conduct training sessions for other department employees for effective use of available IT resources
    • Develop and maintain standards for system processes and IT equipment

  • Designation: IT Executive (Systems)
    Company: ITIS Technical Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (20NW, Avoca Eureka St, Bedford, IN)
    Years: 2003 - 2008

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Monitor the security on day to day basis for possible intrusions
    • Manage user accounts
    • Help resolve hardware and software problems
    • Maintain all programs updated. Install or remove programs which are recent additions or are outdated.
    • Monitor files transferred in and out of the official database
    • Provide technical support to other departments
    • Maintain records of all system equipment, and their periodical maintenance

Professional skills:

  • Knowledge of different hardware and software required for effective operations
  • Expertise in setting up of System Lab for technical support
  • Certificate course in System administration (Microsoft)
  • Knowledge of complete networking solutions
  • Awareness of all recent upgrades and technical developments in the field of IT support for back offices

Research and projects:

  • Research on IT support for back office operational requirements, as part of M.Tech ((Master's in Technology) course.
  • Was part of Project 'IT solutions for System security' conducted by Intelligent Information Technology, LLC; 918 S, Craig St, Indianapolis, IN; from November 2001 to January 2002.

Personal skills:

  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Effective team member with interpersonal skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Quick decision making ability


  • Nick C. Hawkins
    IT Manager
    Tech-bytes Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


I, Lee T. Adamo, declare that all the details given by me above are true to best of my knowledge and belief.

Signature: ####

Place: Indianapolis, INDate: 5th December, 2011

From the above given government resume example, details like layout, information to be included, key skills etc., can be identified. While adhering to this sample resume, it should be ensured that the work experience comes before the education qualifications, if it has more significance. Only if the education qualification is a stringent selection criterion, should it be included before the work experience.

Other resume examples too can be referred for selecting a suitable layout. However, while doing so it would be better if the samples are taken from the IT resumes category only

We hope you find the information helpful and descriptive.

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