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Government jobs have literally become safe heaven after the enormous layoffs as results of global economical slowdown. This has caused a steep upsurge in the number of applicants for government jobs. To survive the competition and win the best of available jobs, a professional government resume has become the need of the hour.

Situations have changed drastically. It is no more the same as it was before the recession. Considering the global impact of the recession and down plunge of the economical growth graph, it goes without saying that even government jobs have become scarce. Only a well drafted government resume can help your application to standout amongst the lot, and win you the interview call. In our efforts to provide informative, relevant and simple information to help the job seekers find the best government jobs for them, we have shared different government resume samples.

Considering the ample possibilities of a job opening in various government sectors, we have made the best efforts to include as many samples as possible. However, the list of government resume examples given below is not exhaustive, and can vary from nation to nation or sector to sector. For those, who are not able to find the resume for the type of job they are looking for, the best match resume samples can be adhered for relevant information. Remember, in most of the cases, the layout would be similar with variations depending upon individual discretion. To help you with effective customization of the information retrieved by you from the example resumes listed below, we have shared some tips. These writing tips are designed considering every aspect of resume design for effective implementation.

Tips for Modifying Sample Government Resume

  1. Layout: Do not experiment with the layout a lot. You may refer to other examples as well for different options. However, retain the formal look and the professionalism.

  2. Language: Use a language that is compatible with your levels of comprehension. Do not use intricate language as it may lend you in uncomfortable situations at the later stages. At the same time do not use overly simple language. The aim is to bridge the gap between the desired and actual profile, such that employer finds your candidature appropriate. You may seek the help of professional writers in case English is not your preferred language.

  3. Information included: Not all information is crucial to be included in the resume. While selecting the details which should be included in the government resume, relevancy and supportive ness to the candidature must be considered. Inclusion of unwanted details can give rise to unsolicited questions during the interview, and may put you in uncomfortable situations. The sequence of the information shared too should be carefully planned for maximum impact. Credentials such as work experience and academic qualifications should be carefully included. For candidates with higher experience, educational details become insignificant, and can be included later, unless specifically asked.

  4. Other details: If additional details such as interests and hobbies, awards, memberships etc., are to be included, they need to be supportive to the candidature and should be separately mentioned under appropriate sub-titles.

  5. Work experience: Always share work experience in a descriptive fashion with job responsibilities included. This would help in convincing the employer about your ability to adapt to new profiles effectively. However, if you have not worked under a similar set of responsibilities, do not include the job responsibilities, unless asked for. Even the number of pages should be considered while sharing the job responsibilities held. A balance has to be maintained at all times, such that all vital information is shared, and the numbers of pages do not exceed the average count (3).

  6. References: References are not mandatory. Though they can contribute significantly towards candidature optimization, they should be given on discretionary basis, or if asked. The concerned person should always be informed prior to sharing his/her details. References should be given of persons who are professionally known to you, and who hold credible positions. Such references are more effective than any other.

The tips given above if included in your government resume can make it more personalized and productive. A cover letter will be an added advantage, if sent along with the resume. For information on writing professional cover letter for your government resume, resume cover letter examples can be referred to.

We hope with all the information given above, and the samples of government resume for different jobs listed below, you will be able to draft striking resumes, and win the job opportunity.

Sample Government Resumes

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