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Chefs Resume is the resume used by chefs when they apply for new jobs. Their resume includes all the details concerned with their skills and experiences. A chef's resume should be designed in such a manner that it can reflect the maximum qualities in the chef, and can help him get the job. A resume can be considered good, only if it has the potential; of securing a job for the candidate, if not the job, it should be impressive enough to get the candidate an interview call. The resume for chefs should be properly made, so that, not even a single aspect is left uncovered. The resume should be very impressive and different, as there is a lot of competition in the hotel industry. In any field, only those sustain who are different, and capable of performing their responsibilities flawlessly.

Chefs play a very important role for any restaurant; they prepare various delicacies and variety of dishes, which helps in deciding the standard as well as the popularity of a restaurant. The chefs work as the food service staff, and they have a lot of roles to play in the restaurant. For any restaurant it is always considered that the food served is the reason of its success or failure. Chefs not only cook the food, they also take care of the inventory and the quality of the products that are used for cooking. The chefs have other cooks and helping staff for assisting them while preparing the dishes. The main role of a chef should be preparing the dish and presenting it in the best way possible.

A chef should be having the perfect idea about the amount of ingredients involved in any dish; also he/she should possess a good sense of smell and taste, so that he can make the dishes accordingly.

A sample of the chef's resume is added here, so that the roles and responsibilities of the chef can be easily understood and accordingly a good and appropriate resume can be developed.

Sample Resume of a Chef:

Robinson Williams
3312, Wilson lane
New York City

1st December, 2011


A person with a very positive attitude towards life, I have a never-to-die spirit when it comes to my work. I try and make everything perfect from my concern and I love to serve people with a range of delicacies that they would love to relish. I have done a specialization in different food courses, and will always keep on learning anything that holds my interest.


To use all my skills and potential, and give the best results possible. Make dishes in the best way possible and spread good taste.

Skills and Responsibilities:

I have been working for 5 years now, and I have learnt a lot of skills that can be used to make the food in the best way possible.

  • To prepare dishes in the best way possible within constrained time limitation
  • Can manage a team of staff efficiently in the kitchen
  • Can do the training of cooking staff, and help them learn all the essential skills of cooking
  • Can cook most of the healthy dishes in the cost limitations, within the budget
  • Check and maintain stock in the store which is required for cooking
  • Expert in cooking different international cuisines, right from Thai, Malaysian to Indian

Educational Qualification:

I have pursued different courses in cooking and am eager to learn even in future.

  • Hotel management from PUSA university
  • Hospitality certification
  • Food management certification
  • Streamline kitchen operation ( Stanford university)

Awards and Achievements:

  • 1st prize in the restaurant and catering organization in 2009
  • Best dish in the international cuisine fest in 2010


  • Golden restaurant
    Northern Holland

Designation: catering head
Duration: Jan 2006 to Dec 2007

  • Ambience Restaurant
    New York City

Designation: Assistant Chef
Duration: Jan 2008 to Nov 2011


Mr. Renaldo Job
Managing Director
ABC Group of hotels

Chefs resume is written to highlight the qualities and the personality of a chef in front of the employer. This resume example of food service can be of great help for those who have been finding out ways to write a perfect resume for themselves.

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