Bartender Resume

Applicants applying for a bartender post need a bartender resume for the job application. A bartender resume reflects the applicant's bartending capabilities. Applicants should prepare a persuasive and appealing resume so that the recruiter is convinced of applicant's eligibility. Applicant's positive attitude and right spirit should reflect in the resume. Bartending is a creative field and applicants will have to show their creativity in preparing an outstanding resume for the bartender post.

Different posts demand different types of resumes when it comes to job application. A bartender resume also has specific rules and regulations that are to be followed at the time of resume construction. Applicants who face difficulties in writing a resume properly must follow the below mentioned rules to enhance their resume writing standards.

Tips for writing a better bartender resume

  • Applicants should follow a proper format for framing the resume efficiently. Applicants can do some online research for selecting a proper format style. A format is a must as it provides the base for the construction for the resume. Without a proper format applicants will not be able to write all the information in a single sheet of paper. Format is important as it gives the resume its design and look.

  • Applicants can add their creativity and write the resume in an innovative manner. Highlighting the important points like skills, expertise, and professional experience helps the recruiter to have a clearer picture of the applicant.

  • Applicants will have to follow an official tone while writing the resume. Informal words and phrases must not be used.

  • Applicants should keep the resume brief. Adding unnecessary information in the resume is not helpful. Adding of extra information in the resume and facts that are irrelevant to the post makes it lengthy and the recruiter won't spend much time in reading a long resume.

  • Proof reading is important as one can eliminate the possibilities of grammatical and spelling errors. Applicants should check the punctuation marks like comas and colons, etc.

The above mentioned tips will help applicants in writing better resumes for their job. Below is a sample bartender resume that will help applicants in understanding the pattern and format which is to be followed while writing the resume. The resume given below uses fictitious information and applicants can change them as per their need and requirements.

Sample Bartender Resume

Roger Washington
11AX Armada Avenue, Killington Gardens
Loss Angeles, California (345 3522)
Email address: [email protected]
Telephone number: 34523 2552

Career Objective: To seek a position as a bartender in an established hotel, restaurant, or pub where I can utilize my skills and expertise to serve and entertain the customers.

Career Summary: Previous experience as a bartender in a well known night club in Loss Angeles for a period of 3 years. Good knowledge on various cocktail, beverages, and alcohol preparations along with good communication and entertaining skills.

Skills Summary:

  • 3 years of work experience as a bartender in a well know night club
  • Sound knowledge of the preparations and serving of beverages
  • Excellently skillful in decorating and serving beer, alcohol, liquor and other beverages
  • Good knowledge on the quantity of each commodity required for making beverages and cocktails
  • Good insights about drinks and beverages admired around the world
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Adept and skillful in performing acts while making a drink with fire, liquids and other stuff.

Work Experience:

Has worked as a Bartender with Polar Bear Night club for a period of 3 years

Designation: Bartender
Duration: January 2008 to March 2011

  • Serving beverages and accepting orders from customers
  • Serving customers with a wide range of beverages, cocktails, alcohol drinks, etc.
  • Accepting queries of the customers and acting accordingly to provide maximum customer satisfaction
  • Looking after the bar and keeping track of supplies and other commodities

Academic History:

  • Completed High school from Loss Angeles City School
  • Completed Diploma Course of 6 months in bartending and customer handling

Personal Interest: Traveling, adventure sports, reading, cooking, etc.

Declaration: I hereby declare that the above information is true as per my knowledge.

Reference: Will be provided on request.

We hope that the above information on how to write a bartender resume will surely help applicants in writing better resumes for their job application.

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