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Increasing popularity of shows like Master Chef, an inclination of people towards healthy eating, and increasing demand for foods to satisfy the taste buds of people have led to immense popularity of careers in food service and food manufacturing industry. Today people opt for different careers like fresco, painting, chef, etc. Even parents support their children and encourage them for such career options. There are examples of many successful personalities in the food industry, and one thing in common to get a job is a food service resume.

Speaking about the food service industry, positions like Chef, Banquet Manager, housekeeping, bellboy, waiters, receptionist, etc., comprise the staff of this service industry. Right from cooking the best food to making the guest comfortable while his/her visit or stay at the hotel, different staffs come together and work towards making everything perfect. There are small restaurants and big three star, five star or seven star hotels too. Every restaurant has different requirements, different work environment, and gives the employee a different level of job satisfaction. The creativity in cooking is at the utmost in 5 star or 7 star restaurants, because they offer multiple cuisines. The ambience in these restaurants is also one of the reasons that interests people to opt for a career in the same. The environment contributes a lot to the job satisfaction. Thus, they wish to be a part of this industry.

Be it a chef or a receptionist, both need a resume to get a job in this industry. The cooking skills are of utmost priority for a chef, whereas the receptionist needs to have a pleasant personality and helping nature. However, the two cannot go and directly start presenting their skills in the job interview. Thus, a food service resume is necessary for all.

Resume helps an individual to put forth his/her skills in a systematic manner. It helps an individual to present his/her abilities in a way that the employer gets an answer to his/her job requirements put forth in the advertisement. While writing a resume, the applicant thus has to understand the employer's requirement, so that he/she customizes his/her resume in the best possible way to make it more relevant for the position.

When we speak of a professional resume, we must understand what goes into a professional resume. Often we take it as a document that gives details about one's academic and work related details. However, the broader perspective of this is that it is a document that presents you in the best possible way to the employer, such that the employer shortlist you for the interviews.

The food service or the hospitality industry as we know it, has many different job roles and job opportunities. A perfectly written resume giving the most relevant information is a must to get into this industry. In fact, this is true for every industry. This industry like any other has a front-end and a back-end. The chef works at the back-end while the waiters work at the front-end. Thus, a successful restaurant functions effectively with the help of people with different skill sets. The employer while judging your application judges you for these skill-sets and your resume should reflect the same.

The hospitality industry provides an opportunity for people with different interests, and thus many opt for this field. A chef, an interior decorator, an event planner, etc. needs very good creative skills. The sales department on the other hand needs strong communication and convincing skills. Thus, different people get different opportunities in this field. One only has to present himself/herself accordingly, and this is when one's resume comes into picture.

The employer interacts or meets you first through your resume. He/she does not meet you in person, but tries to judge you and makes a perception about you by reading your resume. This makes it very clear that the resume plays a very important role in your career.

Do not let these opportunities go. Grab them before anyone else. We would help you to take your first step towards it with the help of the resume examples given in the links below. Read these resume and make a resume for yourself that presents you in the best possible way. The crux is 'First impression is the last impression', so make your resume utmost effective and impressive, that presents your best to the employer.

Sample Food Service Resumes

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