Financial Planner Resume

Financial planner helps to plan different financial activities of the individual or the enterprise professionally. He uses various tools and techniques and thereby guides the clients for financial investment and associated issues. This analysis is done with the help of different techniques such as cash flow, fund flow, risk management, liquidity position analysis, equity analysis etc. This enables systematic decision making and helps to plan the things accordingly.

Financial planner performs various activities. Some of the major tasks of a financial planner can be listed as follows.

  • Scientific and systematic analysis of different financial structures and try to relate the structures with returns

  • Providing client specific services or customized financial planning as per customer requirement

  • Help customers in planning their savings, income and investment related issues

  • Assists in or provides support to financially plan future activities

  • Handling issues related with tax, investment, concerned business strategies, insurance, assets, liabilities etc.

  • Developing effective and efficient financial plans suitable to the client based on a thorough analysis of environment and various options available with the individual or the company

Arturo I. Price
700 Hillcrest Drive
Seattle, WA 98109
[email protected]


Looking for the position of a financial planner in an organization where I can utilize my knowledge and expertise in the financial field and efficiently plan various activities related to finance and investment.


  • Extensive experience in discharging functions associated with financial planning and organization of efficient financial plans
  • Expertise in handling matters associated with different financial plans and management of risk exposure
  • Good at solving queries and complex financial structures
  • Wide ranging experience in financial planning sharpened my analytical skills


  • Strong analytical and comprehension skills
  • Good mathematical aptitude and problem solving tools and techniques
  • Well acquainted with different models and structures involved in financial planning and its management
  • Good communication skills
  • Expertise in handling financial matters with the help of use of different financial tools, techniques, and models

Technical Skills:

  • Good at handling spreadsheets and Microsoft excel functions
  • Well acquainted with different software applications required to plan financial activities
  • Familiar with software application required for accounting and finance functions


Completed Certified Planner Course (CFP) in 2005

Professional Experience:

Financial Planner, TR Finance Ltd. 4450 Farnum Road, New York, NY 10022;

  • Analyzing different financial structures and development of alternative financial options based on scientific research and analysis
  • Provide assistance in designing suitable financial plan based on various investment options available with the company and specific financial environment in which the company operates
  • Help management in designing and restructuring of financial patterns relating to capital investment
  • Help management to arrive at a sound decision making based on scientific analysis
  • Analysis and management of risk exposure

Financial Planner, John and Associates Finance Ltd., 426 Aaron Smith Drive, Harrisburg, PA 17101;
2009 - till date

  • Planning various financial activities as per client requirements and organizational constraints
  • Designing customized plans as per customer specifications
  • Analyzing risk involved in different capital expenditure projects and give proper judgment based on scientific analysis
  • Carry out financial analysis and interpretation to arrive at sound decision making


  • Completed a Master's degree in Finance and Accounts Management from the University of Los Angeles in 2004
  • A diploma course in Advanced Finance Functions
  • A training program on 'Recent Trends and Developments in Financial Management'


  • Received 'The Best Employee Award' for giving consistent performance throughout the year
  • Received 'The Young Achiever Award 2009' for improving the financial efficiency of operations and helped the organization manage related functions in a well manner

Finance is considered as life blood of any organization. It is the basic ingredient required for any organization to thrive and prosper. So, you need to plan it accordingly. It involves systematic analysis with the help of various tools and techniques that can plan and implement different financial activities effectively. It tries to achieve the perfect balance between profitability and liquidity.

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