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Executive job profile can vary from organization to organization, and industry to industry; and so can the sample executive resume available on the web. There can be different executive job profiles within an organization too. Executives are categorized under the entry level employees, and their primary job responsibility involves basic tasks of the relevant profile.

For example, sales executive's job would be to actively promote daily sales. He/she would be responsible for direct interaction with the customers and complete the sales process on-field. Therefore, depending upon the job profile, one wish to apply to, he/she must search for appropriate sample executive resume, for relevant information. Considering the crucial role played by executives in successful execution of various operational activities, there selection process involves stringent measures, to ensure best of the talents make through.

Executives can be considered as front line of an organization, and are its face to the customers. Therefore, when drafting a resume for executive job, it is important that candidates portray strong educational background, with appropriate exposure, so that employer's gain confidence and trust over their candidature; and are incited to bestow key responsibilities on them. To help the candidates draft such a striking executive resume, we have shared simple and easy to implement tips on drafting a professional resume. These tips would also help the candidates in optimal utilization of the information retrieved from the executive resume samples.

Tips for implementing information retrieved from sample executive resumes

(Explained through a sample executive resume)

(Should be mentioned as in certificates, and highlighted for easy visibility)

(Candidate's address)
House No., Street/lane
Country (optional; required, if applying for international job openings)
Tel: (xxx) xxx xxxx

(Candidate's should share their complete mailing address, mentioned such that it is easy and quick to find in resume; generally, presented along with the name, at the beginning of the resume, or separately under personal details, towards the end of the resume.)

Career Objective

(This is the first formal communication, where in candidate explains his/her career expectations. Objective helps the employers to judge the candidate's aptitude for the given job profile. Career objective or goal can also be used as a platform to cast professional first impression on the employers and incite them to consider the candidature further.)

Career Summary:

(This section is optional, and is recommended for candidates who have a long resume, with extensive experience and credentials to share. Fresher can skip this section. Here, a brief summary of major professional credentials is shared, to help employers judge the candidate's profile, without actually referring to complete resume, and save time. Candidates should try to include their string points which could incite employers to review your resume thoroughly, and there by enhance chances of further selection. Information here can also be shared in bulleted lists, for quick referral.)

Work Experience:

  • Designation (tenure served)
    Name of organization

    Job responsibilities:

    • Job responsibilities should be included only if candidate has worked under similar set of responsibilities in the previous jobs
    • Work experience section comes prior to academic qualifications, only if the candidate has considerable experience
    • The layout can be changed depending upon the overall look of the resume, and its effect on the number of pages
    • Share the details in chronological order, and follow the same pattern throughout, for other details as well. Recent experience details should be shred first, followed by the old ones'

Academic Qualifications:

  • Course name Score/grades: GPA (duration)
    Name of educational institute

    (These too should be shared in the same chronological order as for work experience. Grades scored are optional, and can be included if they are impressive.)

Professional Skills:

  • Additional skills supportive to candidature, and helpful in delivering job responsibilities satisfactorily, can be included here.

Other Details:

  • Any other supportive credential; can be included under respective sub-titles, such as personal skills, interest and hobbies, awards and accomplishments, memberships or associations etc.
  • There should be a separate sub-title for these details to ensure that they are not confusing
  • Awards and achievements should be mentioned in the same chronological order as earlier


  • Referred person name

    Organization Name
    Official Address
    Tel: (xxx) xxx xxxx

(Prior permission from the concerned person should be taken before quoting his/her name for reference. Reference is not mandatory, unless specifically asked by employers, or if the concerned person holds credible position, and which case his/her reference would significantly enhance your selection chances. Candidates may quote more than one reference.)

Declaration: (Optional)

I, hereby, declare that all details shared above are true to the best of my knowledge.

Signature: ####

Name: (Candidate's name as mentioned above)

Place: Date: Month, day, year

Note that, important details should always be highlighted, to promote the candidature, and optimize the selection chances. This would include details such as skill-sets, qualifications, grades secured, awards, memberships, experience, name of institute or organization, name of referred person and his designation.

We hope candidates find the above given sample executive resume informative and helpful.

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