Director of Operation Resume

Director of operations resume is a resume that talks about an executive of the upper level, who is the director of operations. Director of operation works in the management level, under which all the executives work. This position is similar to that of a chief operating officer. They work and govern the business development activities, as well as the practices of business. The main role for a director of operations is to improve and have a control over the performance of the organization.

The resume should be crafted in a professional format, so that all the important aspects are covered and highlighted. It should focus mainly on the skills and potentials of the candidate. For such designations, experience matters a lot, so the experience in this field should be given in detail.

Director of operation turns the complex language of business, easy to understand for the staff working under him/her. The key to success of any business depends on how it is organized and practiced; it depends on the director of operations. He/ she should have good skills of organizing every activity concerned with the business in the organization. He/she should be able to manage the services involved in the business effectively. It's important for them to take care of the customer satisfaction as well. The person in this position should have great knowledge on every aspect of business, so that whenever a subordinate employee comes with a problem or doubt, he/she should be able to resolve it.

It's really important for any organization to have a person working at this designation, as it helps in numerous ways. It helps in having an oversight of the working, which is going on in that organization. As the organizations are growing bigger in size, the responsibilities are also increasing. To take care of all these liabilities, there has to be a director of operations in an organization.

To explain how to write a resume for this post, a sample is attached here. It will be of great help for those who have absolutely no idea of how to start with this.

Sample Director of Operation Resume

Henry Tyson
Street name,
House no.
Zip code

Contact: 099-112-4343
Email: Tyson@

Profile: I am a hard working and honest person, I believe in working as a loyal employee and giving the organization, the best that I can. I make sure I do justice to my work, and bring as many improvements as possible.

Objective: To reach on the top most position, from where I can give the best to my organization, by using my skills and abilities. I will bring improvement in the methods of business, of the organization I work for.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Selection of teams in the organization, and inspiring them to work with the right team spirit, to achieve the goals and targets
  • Taking care of the planning and management for the right growth of the company
  • Make efforts for the overall revenue, and profit making of the organization
  • Decision making in all the crucial and odd circumstances, keeping the organization's good in mind
  • Expert in all the services and management activities; also can be referred for any kind of trouble shooting
  • Manage all the issues concerned with the customer's problem, and their complete satisfaction


ABC Company
Designation: Director of operations
Duration: 3 years (2009- 2011)
Status: current

OPQ Company
Designation: director of operations
Duration: 2 years (2007- 2009)
Status: past

XYZ Company
Designation: Manager
Duration: 3 years (2004-2007)
Status: past

Educational Qualification:

  • Masters in Finance in the year 2004, from the Edinburgh University
  • Bachelors in Commerce in year 2002, from the Edinburgh University
  • Diploma in HR ( correspondence) in year 2006, from Edinburgh University


Mr. Darren Michael
CEO, ABC Company

This sample reflects the appropriate format for designing a resume for the designation of director of operations. It will help in making a good impact on the recruiter.

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