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Executive resume is a highly potential marketing tool to get you noticed to the recruiters, but only if it is well managed. Considering the importance associated with a resume in summarizing your career history, it should not be taken lightly; if you do so, you would be inflicting loss to yourself.

Executive resumes which get your phone ringing

If you are a job seeker, and aspiring to grab an inciting offer; but have not heard your phone ringing with any interview call, it's high time that you must take a look at your executive resume. Have you summarized all your professional credentials properly and professionally, and if your resume is up-to-date, there are many such questions you need to answer, to find the solution to that one question, for why your resume is not searched upon by head-hunters.

Are you passionate? Is the intensity the same?

Many a times it happens that we draft a resume with utmost dedication and efforts for the first time; however, with increasing experience and the passing by time, the interest gradually fades out. As a result, the striking capacity of the executive resume is compromised. However, considering the growing competition, it is imperative for all job seekers to have a resume, which is drafted passionately, and is a true depiction of the inherent professionalism. Answer to all these questions would help you draft an effective executive resume, which will set your phone ringing with interview calls.

Acknowledging the concern, and to help the aspiring executives win an interview call; we have provided a collection of different executive resume examples. The list of example resumes given below, may not be exhaustive, but one can always find relevant sample resumes, for reference purpose. Apart from referring to the sample executive resumes, one must also take care of other fine details, which provide a resume its professional look, and impart the influencing ability.

Things to look for in sample resumes

Finding suitable executive resume samples is alone not enough for drafting effective resumes, but one must know what details to observe, and what to include in the resume. These are:

Things to observe and include:

The following things can be included with adequate customization.

  • Outline/layout
  • Information flow
  • Presentation of credentials
  • Types of references, only if necessary
  • Job responsibilities
  • Objective
  • Other supportive skills
  • Format options such as: Font styles, indentation etc.
  • Personal attributes desired

The above given factors would help you draft a personalized executive resume, and target employer's expectations from the ideal candidate, thereby optimizing your interview call chances.

Executive job description for effective executive resume

Candidates may also refer to job descriptions given by the employers for much more efficiency in targeting employer's expectations of the ideal candidate. A job description would not only help candidates judge their aptitude for the given job profile; but also identify the desired skill-sets, and adjudge their suitability for the job.

A job description summarizes the required job profile by the employers, for effectively delivering the job responsibilities. While short-listing the executive resumes received for the job opening, employers have the desired job profile at the hind side of their mind, and they shortlist only those resumes which seem promising and convincing. This requires careful understanding of the employer's perception, and the job description, for maximum efficacy. The following given guidelines would be helpful in drafting a resume, in synchronization with the job description, with maximum efficiency.

  1. Identify the professional skills required for the job responsibilities
  2. Compare them with your individual strengths and weaknesses
  3. Categorize and prioritize them based on your expertise and their relevancy to the job profile
  4. Include them in same order in the resume
  5. Additional skills should be presented after others have been included. If you don't find suitable category to include them, create a new sub-title, and name it adequately.
  6. Include the best professional skills in the cover letter, and justify their optimality for the job. Employers should be incited to review your executive resume, and moved to see the detailed credentials in the resume. For writing professional cover letter for your executive resume, you may also refer to resume cover letter examples available on the web.
  7. Lastly, when you refer to the job description and the sample executive resume, make sure it is of the relevant executive job position, as there are many similar executive profiles with different names, and different executive profiles with similar names.

These tips would help the aspirants in optimally placing their job applications in front of the employers, with enhanced chances of getting the much anticipated interview call.

After knowing how to draft a striking executive resume, candidates can not only save the money spent on paying to resume writers, but even make money by making resumes for others. All it requires is efficient communication skills, written and verbal.

For precise information on any specific type of executive resume, candidates may refer to our comprehensive collection of executive resume samples.

Sample Executive Resumes

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