Sample Engineering Resume

Writing an engineering resume is different from other resumes. Applicants have to mention about their skills, expertise and technical knowledge that they possess in the field. Nowadays there are different types of engineering posts available and applicants must surely have to know how to construct a proper resume for the particular post they are applying for. For example the resume of an automotive engineer and that of a software engineer are both engineering resumes but must be written differently as the posts are quite different from each other.

Engineering is a very technical field and applicants need to show their analytical and technical skills in their resume. Resume writing always entails following of certain rules and regulations and engineering resume is no exception to it. But many applicants are not aware or have a vague idea about these rules and often end up writing inappropriate resumes that possess a greater possibility of disapproval by the recruiter.

Applicants must therefore know how to write a proper resume for an engineering post following the rules and criteria that are involved in constructing one so as to create maximum impact on the recruiter. The below mentioned techniques will surely help the applicants in writing the resume that will help them in their job application.

First of all applicants need to do some online browsing and find a format that suits his profile. No recruiter will appreciate a resume that is dull and confusing to read. A format is a basic layout design that helps the recruiter to organize and write all the facts and figures systematically in a single page. Formatting make the resume look more professional, organized and schematic.

Now after selecting a format, the applicant can start writing the resume accordingly. One basic thing that applicants should remember is to keep the resume simple. Engineering post resume will already possess some technical terms that will be difficult to understand. So the general body of the resume should be very simple and easy to go through so as to facilitate easy readability for the recruiter.

The resume should also be brief and short. Applicants should only mention about the details that are relevant to the post. No irrelevant information should be provided. Applicants should also make sure that there are no long sentences and paragraphs in the resume. The recruiter will only spend a few minutes looking at the resume and if the resume is bulky then there are more chances of negligence and disapproval.

Below mentioned are some important rules that one must follow while writing a resume.

  • The resume must possess an official tone.
  • Applicants should limit the use of 'I', 'me', 'we', etc. in the resume.
  • Bulleted points must be used to make the resume brief and to the point
  • The resume must not be addressed to any one or institution
  • Proof reading reduces grammatical and spelling errors

Below is a sample resume of an automotive engineer that will help applicants more on how to write an engineering resume.

Sample Engineering Resume

Alex Baldwin
Dixon Apartments, 13th Ben Avenue,
Hell's Kitchen, New York (454 435)
Email address:
Telephone number: 3455 62222

Career Objective: To seek a position as an automotive engineer in a prestigious auto manufacturing company where my technical know-how and expertise will be utilized for the better production of cars and help me as well in gaining more knowledge in the field.

Career Summary: Presently engaged in a well known firm as an Automobile Engineer for a period of 4 years. Possess excellent technical and analytical skills along with good communication and team working skills.

Summary of Skills:

  • Interactive knowledge on the latest techniques for converting paper designs and models into reality.
  • Expertise in understanding computer simulations and 3D designs
  • Extensive knowledge on engine components, manufacturing and testing.
  • Highly trained and expert in handling tools and equipment related to the field.
  • Troubleshooting and solving of various mechanical, electrical and hydraulic issues.
  • Expertise of working as a auto engineer for 4 years.
  • Highly analytical and technically interactive skills.
  • Possess good communication and co-worker relationship skills.

Work Experience:

Company: Hexagon Motors
Designation: Automotive Engineer
Duration: January 2008 to now

  • Primarily assigned to interact with the designer and convert the designer's imagination into reality.
  • Working with the models and designs prepared by the automotive designer.
  • Designing and development of various individual parts like engine, batteries, hydraulics, transmission and other individual parts in an automobile.
  • Performing tests and monitoring performance.
  • Solving various problems occurring during automobile manufacture.
  • Experimenting engine to car body design ratio and making things proportionate.
  • Working to provide maximum customer satisfaction.

Academic details:

  • Accomplished Masters Degree in Automobile Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Did graduation in technical engineering from New York University.

Declaration: I hereby admit that the above information is true as per my knowledge.

Reference: Will be provided on request.

We hope that the above sample will surely help applicants in preparing better Engineering Resumes for their job application.

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