Sales Engineer Resume

Sales personnel are responsible for selling products or services. He/she thus, will have to be good in communication, convincing power, and possess complete product knowledge. However, there are some fields, where merely possessing these qualities does not suffice. The sales personnel has to be qualified in that particular field, for which he/she is being hired as a sales personnel. Such sales personnel are known as Sales Engineers. A sales engineer is a sales executive hired for selling technical, mechanical or scientifically complex goods and services. A sales engineer resume is similar to a sales executive resume, but it differs in some aspects. We would discuss the same, but we would first understand the roles and responsibilities of a sales engineer.

Job description:

A sales engineer job came into picture, when the need of specialized sales force was felt, owing the complexity of the goods developed in the technical, medical and scientific field. A sales person, who is not from that particular background, faced many problems in satisfying the customer's queries, and at times, even in pitching the clients failing to understand their requirements owing to highly technical or mechanical specifications. As said 'half knowledge is dangerous than no knowledge at all', the need of a salesmen having sound knowledge of their field strengthened. Thus, we see specialized sales personnel working for selling such goods and services. Besides this, his responsibilities are similar to that of a sales executive. He/she thus, has to -

  1. Generate leads
  2. Pitch clients
  3. Present the goods and services to the prospective clients
  4. Assure quality pre-sale and post-sales services with complete expertise and knowledge about the product being sold by him/her, etc.

Thus, his/her role remains the same, but the extra qualifications he holds, distinguish him/her from other salespersons.

Sales Engineer Resume Sample

Michael P. Bailey
1667 Bassel Street
New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: 985-509-3489
Email Address: [email protected]

Career Objective:

Self-motivated, hard working and highly Sales Engineer, looking for a suitable opportunity in marketing and sales of computers and computer applications, with an organization, which would promote individual growth, along with organizational profits.

Career Summary:

Started my career with Cera Tech Solutions, and promoted the trouble shooting applications developed by the organization. In this one-year span with Cera Tech, successfully added new clients to their clientele, and worked on product launches for some of its latest applications.


  1. Bachelors in Science - 2009
  2. Diploma in Computer Engineering - 2010

Academic Achievements:

  1. Certified as the best student in college

Summary of Skills:

  • Proficient in written and spoken English communication, along with some regional languages
  • Good presentation and interpretation skills
  • Analyzing the client's requirements, and interpreting the same to pitch the right products and services
  • Good understanding of various computer applications and computer system
  • Updated knowledge of the latest technological developments, and innovation related to computers and computer applications
  • Can easily adapt to changes
  • Can easily work in a target based environment
  • Well-acquainted in dealing with corporate clients

Technical Skills:

  • Basics of computer S/W
  • Basics of computer H/W
  • Well acquainted with troubleshooting application and mobile-computer applications

Professional Details:

  1. Current Employer: Cera Tech Solutions (January 2011 - till date)
    Roles and Responsibilities:
    Role: Sales Engineer

    • Reporting to the Area Sales Manager
    • Lead generation and cold calling to pitch clients, and fix appointments
    • Understanding the client's requirements in the first meet, and drafting a plan of action to satisfy the same
    • Making PowerPoint presentations, and presenting the products and their applications to the clients
    • Follow up with the client and closing the deal
    • Post-sales follow up to ensure proper service and create scope for further sales opportunities

Career Achievements:

  • Salesman of the year - 2011
  • Appreciated by the customer service department of Cera Tech, for rendering satisfactory services to the clients

Flexibility & Mobility:

Available to work anywhere in USA

(Michael P. Bailey)

The sample sales engineer resume given above, thus explains that the sales person is qualified in computer engineering and computer applications. Such qualifications are necessary to sell the right products, and meet the requirements of the clients. It also helps in convincing the clients to buy the products or applications.

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