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One job vacancy in the newspaper and hundreds of aspirants for the same. When you apply for the job, you are not the only person, but many others like you who wish to get the job and send in their resumes. There are some fields that have immense job opportunities. One such field is engineering. There are different streams in engineering such as computers, mechanics, automobiles, aeronautical, etc. All these fields have different job opportunities and different job requirements. An engineering resume is a wide term that comprises of resumes used by these engineers to apply for jobs. In this section of example resumes, we would thus discuss about resumes for engineers.

Writing an engineering resume:

Just like any other resume, this resume also abides by the basic rules of resume writing. However, one thing, which differentiates this resume from others, is the content of the resume. An engineer's resume is such that a person from a non-engineering background would find it difficult to understand. The resume is written in simple English, or the business language followed in the country, however, the terminologies used in the resume makes it difficult for a layman to understand. This is the biggest challenge in the engineering resume.

To boost the relevancy of a resume, using keywords in the resume is very important. Keywords are specific terminologies, degrees, skills, etc., that the employer would expect from the job applicant. One can get these keywords in the job advertisement, wherein the employer put forth his/her requirement. When one includes these words in the resume, the chances of the resume being short-listed increases. This is true in case of job-search engines like or Usually, the employers pick up resumes from search engines. While putting forth the requirement, the employer would state some specific criteria like -

BE Computers, Experience - 2 years, JAVA, ORACLE

When the employer enters this criterion in the job search engine, the search engine filters the lot of resumes, such as resume for fresher, experience as well as resume for people with strong education but weak experience and presents the resumes that meet the criteria. Thus, if your resume does not have these keywords, it will not be short-listed. Even in manual screening of resumes, the employer would look for specific sections in the resume, and check if candidate meets the set criterion. If not, then your resume will not move ahead. Thus, using these terminologies or keywords is essential for an engineering resume.

The challenge is that the recruiter might not be an engineer, and thus he/she might not understand the terminologies mentioned in the resume. One thus, has to simplify the same. This can be done as follows:

  1. Developed various computer programs using JAVA & C++
  2. Well versed with different computer languages like C, Oracle, ASP.Net., PB.Net, SQL, SAP, etc
The statements given above give an idea to the recruiter that JAVA and Oracle are different languages used in computers for developing programs. It thus, helps him/her understand and compare one resume with the other. Thus, it accomplishes the purpose of including keywords/terminologies, and also making it simple for a non-engineer to understand.

Reading sample engineering resumes:

You might have a lot of potential, might possess more skills and abilities than the other job applicants, but you might not know the right way of presenting it. The resume is your first impression and interaction with the employer. He/she judges and analyzes you based on the resume, and thus it has to be perfect. This is where the need of reading resumes comes into picture.

Each one of us might not be an expert in resume writing or might not be able to afford a professional resume writer for our resume. This cannot stop us from moving ahead in our career, using our abilities and potential. It is only the matter of a resume, and this can be solved with the help of resume websites giving free example resumes.

When you read a sample-engineering resume, you get to understand - information to be included, presentation, format, keywords, etc. You thus, get an idea of what should be included in a resume to make it a perfect resume, and thus write a perfect resume for yourself.

The example engineering resumes given in the links below would prove helpful to job applicants from different fields of engineering to put forth their best by writing the utmost perfect resume for themselves.

Sample Engineering Resumes

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