Bus Driver Resume

A bus driver resume is written by an individual who is applying for the post of a bus driver and possesses expertise in driving a bus. Driving a bus properly on road requires a great deal of experience as driving a bus is not as easy as driving a car. Because of the large size of the wagon as compared to other vehicles and the number of people it can carry, a great deal of skill and experience is required to move such a vehicle on the road with ease and care.

It may sound easy but a bus driver not only has the responsibility of driving the passengers to their destinations but also performs other functions such as taking care of the bus, assisting small children get on and off the bus if it's a school bus, looking after the ticket collections, taking care of the luggage of the passengers, etc. A bus driver's job could also include receiving customer complaints and solving them.

An applicant applying for the post of a bus driver must therefore possess strong driving skills, along with management of the bus and customer satisfaction skills. He/she should also possess a good professional experience of driving a bus and a valid license for driving a vehicle of such kind. They must also be aware of the state and country traffic laws as well as possess good communication skills for communicating with the passengers. Applicants who fulfill all these criteria can apply for a bus driver post but for getting approved they have to prepare from a very initial level.

An applicant applying for the post of a bus driver must construct a proper resume which explains his expertise and credentials better. They must know the proper technique of constructing a resume that will be impressive enough to provide a good scope of job approval. Constructing a proper resume is not that difficult a task and applicants need to follow certain rules and techniques for writing a resume that will surely help make a difference. Below are some basic things one needs to do while writing a resume.

Tips for writing a proper resume

  • Online research on the post and looking at the samples available online for the post
  • Choosing a proper format
  • Writing the resume briefly in simple words
  • Use of official tone in the resume
  • Highlighting of the important points like skills and expertise
  • Proofreading the resume after writing is complete

Below is a sample bus driver resume that will help candidates in writing the most appropriate resume that will be beneficial for their job application. The resume provided below consists of fictional details and applicants can update the resume according to their need without changing the format.

Sample Bus Driver Resume

Harrison Williams
123 Axon Avenue, Green Park
San Francisco, California (45 44553)
Contact number: 4542 5533
Email address: [email protected]

Career Objective: To seek a position of a bus driver in a reputed and well established transport organization where my skills and expertise in the field will be utilized for the progress of the firm and for my own personal experience.

Career Summary: Prior Experience of working as an inter-provincial bus driver for a transport firm, for a period of 2 years, carrying passengers from one province to another. Possess excellent communication skills along with work management and punctuality skills.

Summary of Skills:

  • Expertise of working as an inter-province bus driver for 2 years
  • Highly proficient in driving a bus for long hours
  • Strictly punctual and on schedule service for the convenience of the passengers
  • Proper knowledge of all the on road rules and regulation various provinces and places
  • Ability to perform diagnostics and minor repair work on the malfunctioning of vehicle on road
  • Good expertise in checking the condition of the vehicle
  • Good communication skills
  • Solving the queries of the passengers and resolving their issues

Professional Experience:

Company: Continental Travels
Post: Bus driver (inter-provincial)
Duration: January 2009 to November 2011


  • Responsible for carrying and driving passengers to their specific destinations
  • Properly Keeping the luggage of the passengers
  • Complying with all the traffic rules and regulations
  • Maintaining of reports
  • Maintenance and repairing of the vehicle
  • Reporting to the higher authorities if there is any customer satisfaction problem
  • Resolving the issues and queries of the passengers


  • Completed High School Diploma from San Francisco International High School

Declaration: I hereby declare that the above information provided is true to my knowledge

Reference: Will be submitted on request

We hope that the above information on how to write a bus driver resume and the sample provided will go a long way in providing effective guidance to applicants who need to write a resume for the post of a bus driver. From the above sample resume, you can also write example for truck driver resume and chauffeur resume example as well.

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