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Driver Resume, what to include? Thinking of designing a resume for a driver position, one might wonder how to include driving skills in the resume. Though, there is not a lot to include in the resume, as employers would be more likely looking for your driving records and experience, still if you consider the type of job, additional skills would always be beneficial.

For instance, if you are an ambulatory driver, first aid skills could always be an added advantage, and at times are made mandatory by the employers. Depending upon the industry, there can be different types of driver job profiles, and so would be the driver resume types. The list of different types of driver jobs is given below, which will help you in identifying the best job suiting your aptitude, and design a driver resume accordingly.

Types of driver jobs/drivers

  • Specialized truck drivers (tankers, animal transport haulers, car/auto haulers etc.)
  • Ambulatory drivers
  • Refrigerated van/truck drivers
  • House mover driver
  • Container drivers
  • Road-rail drivers
  • Cab/taxi drivers
  • Road roller drivers
  • Public transport/ bus drivers
  • Locomotive drivers
  • Others depending upon the sector

The above given list is only illustrative, and can include more diverse driver portfolios, depending upon the organizations and the industrial sectors. However, if you note, you will find that all the profiles require additional skills, other than the driving expertise as the core skill. This would mean when drafting the driver resume, you must carefully understand the job description, and identify the other required skills. These skill-sets should be included in the driver resume, and be appropriately highlighted for employer's to view them easily. This would incite them to further consider your candidature, and call you for personal rounds of interview.

To help you with drafting an impressive and professional driver resume, we have listed sample resumes for different driver jobs. These driver resume examples would provide you with the required information in a precise and concise manner. You can also benefit from the samples as they provide information in a simple and easy to implement style.

Aspiring driver candidates can include the tips given below, for utilizing their driver resumes in the best of the ways possible. These tips for resume writing are designed to present the skill-sets in a professional manner in the resume, and promote skill-sets specifically suiting to the job profile.

Tips for including information in the driver resume

  • Prioritize: Always prioritize the skills in terms of relevancy and your expertise over them. Include the best of your skills first, and then the others. You may highlight specific details for better optimization. For example, if you are a cab driver, then, your skill of dealing with passengers can be an added advantage, when it comes to customer oriented service. So, while including the particular job experience, customer service can be highlighted.

  • Organize: Presenting the details in a well organized pattern would make it easy for the employers to find them in the resume. Therefore, while including any of the details, categorize them appropriately.

  • Presentation: Presentation of the credentials in a well formatted manner would not only impart a professional look to your driver resume, but also be able to grab the employer's attention. Follow a simple and formal layout, as employers are not interested in your resume making skills, but more on driving skills. The format selected for the resume should be at par with the professionalism you wish to convey, and would vary from industry to industry. For example, a travel agency driver is expected to be formal, educated (local geographic region, tourist interest places) and hospitable; where as a tanker driver would be expected more to be strong and educated (industrial sites, safety hazards etc.). Therefore, the resume of the travel agency driver must look attractive, formal, and use a proficient language; where as that of the tanker driver may be simple looking with comprehensible language (need not be intricate).

  • Justifiable: Any information included in the resume should be justifiable, and not included just for the sake of it. It may put the candidate in a discomforting situation at later stages.

  • Honesty: Be honest while including any information. At the maximum, you have the option to exclude or include the information. Do not exaggerate or share details which cannot be substantiated with adequate proofs, if asked for. Likewise, for giving references too, it should be give only after taking prior permission from the concerned person. Remember, he/she should be from the same industrial background, and be at credible designation.

You can always add personal ideas in the resume to make it more personalized and unique. These tips, and information on types of driver jobs, would help you to identify the best job suiting your aptitude, and draft a compatible professional driver resume.

You can refer to the list of driver resume samples given below for job specific information, required for drafting a professional resume for driver job application.

Sample Driver Resumes

Some other types of driver resumes are below:

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