Sample Customer Service Resume

A Customer Service Resume portrays applicant ability to work for the Customer Service position to the employer. Customer service is a flourishing and increasing employment sector with the increase in the number of services provided to the general populace. A customer service provider interacts with the customers and helps them in solving their queries regarding various goods and services which they possess.

A Customer Service Resume must be written following the current resume writing standards, so that it creates a superior impact on the recruiter. But many applicants are unaware of the basic rules and techniques that go along with resume writing. Such applicants often face rejections and are disapproved in the interview round primarily because of their highly flawed resumes.

Applicants must know how to construct an effective resume that will be a positive point in their interview, and will open up possibilities of recruitment. There are some basic rules and techniques involved while writing a resume. The first important thing to do is to conduct some online research that will help them in gaining more ideas about how to write a resume for the customer service post. While conducting the online research, applicants must select a format that fits their post. A format acts as a backbone for the resume and supports the whole resume by providing it its shape and structure. After determining the format, applicants can start writing the resume. Now there are some important tips written below that one must follow while writing the resume.

Tips for writing Customer service resume

  • The resume must be written in an official tone, as it gives the resume a professional touch. Applicants must not use informal words and phrases, as it hampers the worth of the resume as a whole.
  • The resume must be written briefly. Applicants must not write long sentences and paragraphs as it is inapt resume writing. Bulleted points must be used wherever necessary to make the resume look brief and prompt. Applicants should also not write irrelevant information that bears no connection with the post.
  • Applicants must use easy language so that it is easy for the recruiter to go through.
  • Applicants must restrict the use of 'I', 'me', 'we', etc. in the resume.
  • The resume must not be addressed to anybody or any institution
  • Highlighting the skills and achievements will help the recruiter to have a better understanding of applicant's potential
  • Proof reading helps in the eradication of the spelling and typo errors

Below is a sample resume of a customer service provider that will help applicants to have a proper idea about the format and writing style of the resume.

Sample Customer Service Resume

Jenifer Maxwell
2nd Rosaline Avenue, Bronx
San Francisco, California (345 45222)
Email address: [email protected]
Telephone number: 45232 5645

Career Objective: Looking forward to seek a position of a customer service representative in a firm where my knowledge and expertise in the field will help in providing better customer servicing thus benefiting the organization.

Career Summary: Prior experience of working as a customer service representative in a prestigious customer service providing conglomerate for a period of 3 years. Possess excellent communication and presentation skills.

Summary of Skills:

  • Solid base in customer servicing sector with a professional experience of 3 years.
  • Possess good communication and writing skills
  • Highly proficient with working in teams
  • Possess excellent computing skills
  • Proficiency in Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Microsoft word, etc.
  • Expertise with Windows Vista, XP, XP Professional and several other operating system

Professional Experience:

  • Primarily assigned to support the sales team and to look for whether the objectives regarding servicing were achieved
  • Providing customer service and troubleshooting for the customers of our clients
  • Worked in teams in several small and big client projects
  • Addressing the clients
  • Preparing reports on weekly and monthly sales records

Academic Details:

  • Achieved Masters in Business Administration (sales and marketing) from California University.
  • Bachelor's in Business Administration from California University

Personal Interest: Music, traveling, novel reading, etc.

Declaration: I hereby declare that the information provided above is true to my knowledge.

Reference: Will be provided on request.

We hope that the above tips and sample of Customer Service Resume will surely help applicants in writing better resume for their job application that will be appreciated and approved by the recruiter. Also visit example for public information director resume

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