SAP MM Consultant Resume

SAP MM consultant resume is required by SAP (Systems, Application, and Products/Programs in data processing) professionals who specialize in MM (materials management). Though the title of the resume specifies the job expectations from the ideal candidate, it is still recommended to review the job description given by the employers for clear view of the job responsibilities.

The SAP MM consultant resume sample given below highlights various skill-sets required for delivering the job responsibilities satisfactorily, and the professional way of presenting them effectively in the resume. While referring to the sample resume, make sure that it is appropriately customized to represent your true professionalism. Inclusion of personal innovative ideas would make your resume even more unique and personalized.

As a consultant, it is expected from a candidate to have a critical understanding of the concept, so that the clients are satisfied with his/her suggestions and recommendations. The sample SAP MM consultant resume includes information on objective, education qualifications, and experience with job responsibilities held. Note that, inclusion of references is recommended, but not mandatory, unless specified by the employers. However, while including any reference, ensure that the concerned person is informed prior to submitting his/her name. Try to give reference of someone who is from the same field, and holds a credible position, for maximum impact.

Example resume: SAP MM Consultant Resume

Elizabeth E. Livingston
3471 Brannon Street
City of Commerce
California 90040
United States
Tel: (213) 300 7029

Career summary:

I am a professional SAP consultant, with 10 years of extensive exposure across different SAP applications. Specializing in materials management, I have worked with renowned companies in the market, and helped them to develop innovative solutions, which has reinforced their Supply chain and optimized materials management.

Work experience:

  • Organization: Trident Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Narbonne Blvd., Lomita, CA
    Designation: Senior SAP MM Consultant (IM/SD/PP/WM)
    Team Size: 14
    Duration: January 2008 - Till date
    Job responsibilities:

    • Assisted in developing SAP solutions involving complete supply chain integration ranging from MM, PP, WM, and SD (Materials management, Production planning, warehouse management, and Sales and distribution).
    • Analyze management goals and provide suggestive solutions, with complete analytics for management decision
    • Identify new technologies and their incorporation in the production process for standardization of the process and quality
    • Train the new employees in effectively analyzing and configuring SAP MM functions
    • Coordinate with management and sub-ordinates for smooth operations, and on time completion of projects

  • Organization: Fortune Mega Stores Pvt. Ltd., Washington Ave., Los Angeles, CA
    Designation: SAP MM Advisor (SD/WM)
    Duration: June 2003 - January 2008
    Job responsibilities:

    • Assisted in the implementation of 'warehouse management' and 'sales and distribution' modules
    • Integrate the SAP SD and WM modules with Production Planning
    • Customize the procurement process with the new SAP modules
    • Train the employees to work with the new solutions and software programs
    • Develop training modules for future references and training requirements
    • Integrate the complete SAP MM process with MIS (management information system)
    • Customizing the price determination process with the new integrated SAP solutions
    • Conduct trials of all modules
    • Coordinate between management and SAP developers towards developing efficient solutions

  • Organization: Pride Fresh Bakers Pvt. Ltd., Woodbury Ave., Fresno, CA
    Designation: SAP MM Expert (PP/IM)
    Duration: June 2001 - June 2003
    Job responsibilities:

    • Assisted in the development and implementation of consumption based manufacturing process with complete integration of planning, purchasing, production, inventory management, distribution and sales.
    • Ensure all configuration is as per the plan and blue-print
    • Develop training curriculum for new staff working on the process
    • MIS and SAP MM integration
    • Interact with clients and identify their requirements to provide relevant and effective solutions

Academic qualifications:

  • Course: Post Graduate Diploma in Materials management
    Institute: Meridian Management College, 7058 River View Valley St., Northridge, CA
    Duration: 1999 - 2001

  • Course: BCS (Bachelor's in computer science)
    Institute: Calvin College of Science and Commerce, 3050 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA
    Duration: 1996 - 1999

Professional Skills:

  • SAP R/3
  • PP/MM and MIS configuration and integration
  • Industry awareness: Automotive, Retail and Food processing (Food and beverages)
  • Certified SAP Application consultant by SAP Labs U.S. (California)
  • Extensive knowledge of SCM (Supply Chain Management)


Any reference would be provided on request with prior information.


I, Elizabeth E. Livingston, hereby declare that all the details given above by me are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Signature: ####

Place: CaliforniaDate: January 02, 2012

The sample SAP MM consultant resume can also be referred for drafting SAP consultant resumes with different specializations such as SD (sales and distribution), IM (inventory management) etc.; however, the changes in qualifications and the relevant experience should be appropriately made.

We hope you find the information and SAP MM consultant resume example helpful and informative. For more information on layout, please refer to other example resumes as well.

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