Management Consultant Resume

Management consultant resume is an introduction designed for the individual who works as a great help for the organization in their entire behavioral changes. Management consultants are very beneficial, as they help in upgrading and enhancing the procedures that are used by an organization for its working. They make the working staff at the organization equipped with modern skills and technologies. They enable the organization to yield optimum profit.

The management consultant resume should be designed in such a manner, that it reflects all the efficient and effective skills of performances. It should focus mainly on the abilities and skills of the concerned person. His/ her experience in the field should also be clearly mentioned. It should reflect all the achievements of the person in this field, and also mention the specialization in his/ her profile.

The candidate applying for management consultant position should be good enough to manage his /her position as it is a very responsible designation to be taken care of. There shouldn't be any negative influence on the recruiter; the resume should be very simple and clearly done. A management consultant has to play a huge role in any organization they work for, their role includes from client information, database improvisation, making new strategies, identifying the problems and finding the solution to them. It is an extended profile, with lots and lots of job responsibilities.

Management consultant resume can be easily explained with the help of an example, which will make it easy to understand, how to design an appropriate resume.

Sample Management and Consultant Resume

Andrew Brass
West porter,
Peninsula heights

Objective: Looking for opportunity which is challenging, and will let me prove my skills. I target high in life and want to give my best to any organization that I work with.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Good at conducting training programs for the employees and set of staff
  • In-depth knowledge of all the management activities and skills
  • Ability to bring profit to the organization and also raise the revenue of the organization
  • Good skills to analyze the problem and then capable of bringing the right solution to the organization, for its better
  • To work according to the clients requirement and fulfill all the requirements asked by the clients

Job Summary:

ABC Company
2009- 2011

Designation: Management Consultant
Duration: 2 years


  • Training of the staff and employees to work according to the norms of the organization
  • Crafting business proposals for the organization
  • Allotment of duties and responsibilities of the staff working under him/her

XYZ Company
2006- 2009

Designation: Management Consultant
Duration: 3 years


  • Performed all the duties and responsibilities assigned by the organization
  • Govern a team of staff by providing them with tasks and instructions for their work
  • Managing and conducting analysis of the company's profit and revenues generated
  • Planning and management of the resources of the organization

OPQ Company

Designation: Assistant Management Consultant
Duration: 2 years


  • Preparing the business proposals and also preparing the annual revenue reports.
  • Worked as an assistant to the management consultant and helped him through out the work
  • Took care of the security services in the organization.

Academic Background:

  • B.A (accounting) in 2001 from the State University
  • M.A (business) in 2004 from the State University
  • Diploma in HR in 2006 ( correspondence) from the State University


Mr. Shane Davis
Vice President
LMN Company

This is a sample of the management consultant resume which should be followed if one needs to make a complete professionally perfect resume. It can be of great help for fresher, who needs to make a start and does not know how to begin with. Have a look on management consultant resume for free.

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