Business Consultant Resume

A successfully crafted business consultant resume demonstrates the candidate's ability to implement and indulge in innovative ideas to bring in essential changes in the system of a given organization, thereby maximizing the revenue generated and facilitating its success. The resume should reflect the candidate's proficiency in conducting marketing, financial, and economical research to ensure the successful functioning of all departments within a specified organization. It brings to light your knowledge in the extensive field of business management and ability to implement measures that will increase the efficiency of a department or an organization as a whole.

Contents of a Business Consultant Resume

The resume of a business consultant should clearly highlight his/her capabilities, in conjunction with his/her area of expertise namely marketing, human resources, advertising, business strategies, e-business, information technology, accounting, financial management, supply-chain management etc.

Career Objective

Your resume should ideally start with a career objective, explaining in brief your career interests and goals, while outlining the purpose of your application. It should act as a title to your job profile, its length not exceeding two sentences. It should be very well in conjunction with your employer's needs; so, it is advisable to discuss with your recruiter about it before you draft your application.


A business consultant resume, if efficiently constructed, will be your tool for presenting to the reader, your professional skills along with your transferable skills. You need to include your proficiency in inter-personal communication, problem solving, analysis, budgeting, planning and organizing, research, recruitment etc. Highlight your skills and abilities using bullets.

If you have brought in any significant changes in the system at your previous employment, which served as a fulcrum for the organization's development internally or within the market, do mention that information as your accomplishment, along with the information of any awards or rewards you may have earned.

Work experience

When you are on the Professional Experience section, keep in mind to describe your role during the previous employment in a concise manner, mentioning all the significant facts within 5-6 points. You need to include the name and location of the organization, your designation within the company, the duration of employment, and your job description in brief. It is recommended that you exclude the most generic and mundane duties that you were involved in.

Refer to the free sample of a business consultant resume that we have provided below, for your guidance.

Business Consultant Resume Sample

Matilda A. Cree
4059 New Creek Road
Huntsville, AL 35802
(256) 885-0952

Career Objective

Seeking an opportunity as a Business Consultant to evaluate the functions of an organization and analyze the findings to resolve any option-decision connection faults in its planning, directing, and organizational process, thereby facilitating its growth while gaining expertise within the field.

Professional Qualities

Skill Set 1

  • Sound knowledge of recruitment and important human resource practices
  • Efficient in the analysis business functions and practices
  • Ability to develop innovative and creative business models
  • Highly efficient in competitor analysis and evaluation
  • Accounting and budgeting skills
  • Expert in weakness assessment and providing suitable solutions
  • In depth knowledge of various marketing ethics and principles

Skill Set 2

  • Analytical skills
  • Data management
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Researching skills
  • Self-motivated and self-confident
  • Planning and leadership skills

Work Experience

Employer: System Star Solutions, Earle, AR Jun 2010 till Nov 2011
Designation: Business Development Supervisor
Job Description:

  • Engage in continuous evaluation and analysis the business functions of the organization in a segment of the target market
  • Research and assess the efficiency of the management team to ensure its adherence to the organizational standards
  • Coordinating marketing campaigns and promotional workshops
  • Formulating marketing plans for business development and expansion
  • Recruiting and interviewing candidates with business development as their field of interest
  • Providing essential training to the recently employed candidates and suggest appropriate training programs for their development

Employer: System Star Solutions, Earle, AR Jan 2009 till May 2010
Designation: Business Development Executive
Job Description:

  • Establishing and maintaining business relationships with potential clients
  • Providing business consultation services to existing clients
  • Participating in field-work activities and client conferences, for marketing and discussing the company's services
  • Maintain a client database, and report any major changes to the business development supervisor
  • Provide high quality customer/client service by answering their queries and resolving any issues pertaining to the services rendered

Academic Qualification

P.G. Diploma in Business Management 2008
Alabama State University Placed in Grade A after the final assessments

Bachelor of Commerce 2007
Auburn Institute for Arts and Commerce Education Secured 67.76% in the final examinations


Eugene Ames
Business Development Manager - System Star Solutions

John Ramirez
Operations Manager - System Star Solutions

The above example of the business consultant resume will give you a clear idea of how you need to present your information effectively. Browse through the website for more sample business resumes.

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