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A welder is a person, who does welding of different materials such as iron, steel, aluminum, etc. They do welding either to make new products or to repair the existing product. The job profile of a welder is completely related to metals, and different types of welding such as electric and acetylene welding. If you are a candidate from this field, and you want to make your career in this field, then you need to have a good resume, in order to apply for this job. It is always beneficial, if you have a good resume in order to apply for a job. Your resume should speak that you are a master welder, and you possess all the skills required for this job. An experience would be an added advantage in your resume, when you are looking for a job. An employer feels that a person having experience in this field would be aware for the job profile, and he might be better in his skills. So, when you write your resume, try to mention all your related skills and experiences. There are various sections which a resume has, so you need to pay proper attention to all the sections.

Welder Resume Example

John Smith
2298 Alps Street
Utah - 51774
Contact No. - 020-254-5178
Email Id - john4412@examplemail.com

Career Objective

I want to handle the position of a Welder, which would help me enhance my skills, and where I could work towards the growth of the firm.

Key Skills

Educational Qualifications

Work Summary

Blink Steel Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd., Utah
Designation: Welder
Duration: July 2008 to September 2009


Kimi Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.,
Designation: Welder
Duration: October 2009 to till Date


Languages known: English and French

Achievements: Famous in the city for making unique designs with the help of metals and welding


Kevin Turner
Premium Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd., Utah
Email Id: kevin6654@examplemail.com

The sample of a welder resume has been given above, which you can refer to, while writing a welder resume. While writing a resume you need to make sure that you resume contains all your skills and experiences related to the job profile. This will help you to impress an employer and fetch you an interview call.

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