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Computer Resume

Computer Resume talks about the very famous and the most utilized man made machine computers. Computers are the fastest working machines, which is made by man, but is n number of times faster than man. Charles Babbage was the man who introduced computers to the world. Computers are very helpful inventions for the mankind. They can do all kinds of calculations, and make work easy for people. Nowadays, any organization or an institution is totally dependent on computers for any kind of technical work.

The computers have been upgraded and modified after some period of time. The more advanced they are becoming, more helpful they have become. Tasks that are manually too difficult to be done, computers do it in a nick of time. A computer resume can be divided into various aspects, as there are a number of different aspects in computers on which people can work. A computer resume should be designed in a proper format, keeping in mind what things are supposed to be mentioned, and what are not.

Tips on what to and what not to mention in a computer resume:

In computers, knowing the languages of computer is very necessary, unless the candidate knows the language he/she cannot work for the specific profile he/she is applying for. There are different profiles of jobs in the computer industry. It can be said there is a long list. Let's see a few of them described here:

Computer programmer- is the one who deals with all the coding and programming work. They need to be professionals in technical works. Their work is all about dealing with software, and they are paid quite well for their jobs. In this profile, the qualification and skills matter the most. It's all about the better knowledge one has, and the better opportunity one can get. Resume for computer programmers are very professionally done, and mainly highlight on their academics and technical skills.

Computer Technician- These technician resumes are the resumes which are totally based on their work experience. There needs to be the right education to start working on such profile, but working on them and gaining experience is extremely important. Computer technicians take care of a lot of issues, right from installation of systems, or network management, good communication skills, that can be used for presentation, or in customer's problem solving services. S/he should have a lot of practical knowledge and should be a good trouble shooter.

Software Engineer- The resume for a software engineer should be designed in such a manner, that it highlights all the skills of the candidate; it should be good enough that the recruiter is impressed from the first look of the resume. All the experience should be explained in details, the aspects he/ she has specialized in should be clearly described. Software Engineer's resume should be nicely crafted, opening the opportunities for the candidate.


Computer Resume can be of various types, depending on the type of profile which is required. These resumes are designed to give the right kind of introduction to a person, as well as to highlight their potentials. Some other types of computer resumes are below:

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