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When one applies for a loan, insurance policy, etc., the credit worthiness of the person, or the potential risk he/she could pose to the organization has to be analyzed. In USA, the person's credit score usually speaks all about the person's financial standing. In terms of health insurance, the person's credit score is not the only thing that needs to be analyzed. He/she also has to be judged for physical fitness without any bias. Thus, in the healthcare industry, a person's overall fitness and stability is judged, by an independent third party person known as the 'underwriter'. They analyze the potential clients for health insurance service providers, investment houses and creditors. They are specially trained to evaluate a person's potential financial risk to the company, if the company offers it services to him/her. To work at this position, one needs an effective underwriter resume, and to make the resume relevant, one needs to understand the job description thoroughly.

Job Description:

The underwriters can work for financial houses and the healthcare industry. The underwriter, in both the cases, analyzes the potential clients, and helps the organizations take further decisions. The credit terms, coverage, etc., are all based on the analysis of the underwriter.

General Responsibilities:

  • Reviewing the client's information provided with the application
  • Focus on four main criteria - repayment ability of the client, willingness to the repay the borrowed amount, existing assets of the client, and the health chart of the client
  • Reviewing the bank statements of the applicant
  • In case of mortgages, assess the property's actual value


There is no specific criterion for working as an underwriter; however, some of the employers prefer candidates with a bachelor's degree in business or finance. There are some basic training courses as well, but these are not very popular. This is mostly on the job training.


The underwriter's get an average salary of $53,000 - $100,000 per annum

The above-mentioned information should suffice your quest for the job profile of an underwriter. If it still interests you and you wish to apply for a job in the same, the underwriter resume sample given below will prove helpful to you. As mentioned above, there is no specific eligibility criterion for the job; one should read the job description thoroughly to write a relevant resume.

Underwriter Resume Sample:

Leonard B. Williams
479 Huntz Lane
Worcester, MA 01610
Phone: 978-528-2562
Email Address: LeonardBWilliams@teleworm.com

Career Objective:

Having gained immense experience over the years working as the accounting head with some of the best organizations, wish to work as an independent underwriter, and use my experience and skills of all these years to help the financial houses make the most apt decisions.

Professional Summary:

Worked in the field of accounting for 15 years, and have been working as a freelance underwriter since the past two years, after quitting my job. Immense experience and analytical skills developed over these 15 years have helped me become a successful underwriter, and I wish to continue with the same for the years to come.

Professional skills:

  • Proficient in calculations - manual and excel sheet
  • Proficient in valuation and depreciation
  • Good analytical skills
  • Good at decision-making
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Fluent with all the regional languages
  • Proficient in reporting and presentation of crucial data


Bachelors in Accounting and Finance - 1995, University of MA
Diploma in Computer Accounting - 1998, CFA Institute, MA

Technical Skills:

  • Computer Accounting
  • MS Office Package - MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, MS Outlook
  • Proficient in MS Excel advanced functions

Work Experience:

A] Designation: Freelance Insurance Underwriter - 2009 till present

  • Review the documents submitted by the applicants
  • Study the credit worthiness of the applicant
  • Study the medical reports of the applicant
  • Contact the applicant, and collect any missing information or meet the applicant
  • Judge the applicant for potential risk to the company, and the ability to repay the loan
  • Present a report based on the analysis that helps the organization take their judgment
  • Provide opinion on the coverage and credit period studying the applicant's data thoroughly

B] Terra Solutions Ltd.
Designation: Accounts Head

Joined Terra Solutions as an Accounts Executive, and moved up to work as an accounts head. Being associated with them for almost fifteen years, it is like a second family to me. Independently handled all the financial responsibilities of Terra and their accounting and taxation procedures.


Awarded with the 'Best Employee Award - Terra Solutions Ltd.' for my contribution to Terra


Available on request


Leonard Williams

The underwriter resume given above serves as an ideal sample for writing one's resume for the post. The basic criterion for this post is an understanding of the financials and potential risks of an applicant studying his/her financial/ health records, etc., and help the firm take the right decision.

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