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Communication resume is a professional document served by an applicant while applying for a job in the communications field. There are various kinds of communication posts, namely, IT communication, Administration, Media communication, etc. Various industries require this one, most strong pillar- communication, for successful day-to-day proceedings. Spoken, written and transmitted- all these forms of communication carry a lot of importance, as it is pure information. Companies employ people with good communications skills in particular departments, as well as in corporate communication department. The job of an employee in a corporate communication department is to manage the inflow and outflow of information, as in:

  • From company to media
  • From company to other companies (business correspondence, to and fro)
  • Public relations
  • Internal communication like publishing of in-house literature, memos, notices and other updates.

It is a heavy responsibility for the person in corporate communications/ PR department and one that is crucial for the business. As a precursor, the candidate must have an educational background in mass communication, or better still, a good experience in the same field. Having good, hands-on experience in dealing with various situations in this field will help. In addition, some references would definitely help your case as it provides your resume application with greater authenticity and value.

Following is a communication resume sample written by an applicant to apply for the post of Corporate Communications Manager with a company.

Zarkosky Razumikhin
42-K Street
Albany, CA 94706
(510) 332-2341
[email protected]

January 6, 2011


To use my expertise in systematizing and streamlining the communications department, and ensuring efficient working among various levels of the department.

Profile/ Summary

  • 7 years of strong experience in the field of corporate communication.
  • Managed the PR department at XYZ Media House
  • Ability to, successfully, sustain new challenges and stressful situations.
  • Experience in building and promoting revamped corporate image for the clients' brands.
  • Experience pertaining to the entire chain of command-worked at all the levels of communication; starting from strategizing to circulating and executing.
  • Track record of introducing innovative ideas and successful implementation

Skill Set

  • Excellent planner
  • Articulate with all the principles of communications; also hold background in journalism.
  • Strong with inter-personal communication, strong English- both written and verbal
  • Ability to represent company at important meetings; also good oratory skills
  • Clear and straightforward thought process

Other Skills

  • Multi-tasking
  • Excellent with internet

Work Experience

  • XYZ Media House
    PR Manager (2009-2011)

    • Effectively handled a staff of 20 employees in the department
    • Advised the management on building strong public relations
    • Initiated PR plans and corroborated with other media houses
    • Spearheaded KKK media campaign for promoting my client

  • ABC PR Services
    PR Executive (2006-2009)

    • Earning new clients for the company
    • Initially handled image-revamp campaigns for our brands; later on executed projects independently
    • Conducted client briefings
    • Careful study and research of the prospective market in accordance with the product and the brand at hand

  • JHG News Corporation
    Journalist (2004-2006)

    • Covered corporate news at product launches and media conferences
    • Carried out interview with corporate personalities
    • Wrote and edited for the agency


  • Masters in Mass Communication, Xavier's College of Media Communications
  • Bachelors' degree in Business Management


  • Gained good exposure of the industry workings while my stint with ABC PR Services and started independently conducting client briefings and managing projects.
  • A successful switch from journalism to the field of PR, thus, combining the knowledge of both the fields and using it to my projects' advantage.


(Here, you can put the names, contact numbers, email id of your references)

This is one kind of communication resume sample to make things easier for you, however, you can find out more about different resume formats like chronological and functional, on internet. However, take into account the flow and structure used here. Your written language has to be easy; usage of long sentences is to be avoided. Details regarding your experience (company name, post) should be clearly mentioned here. Adding emails and/ contacts of your references would be advantageous. Please do take care of this point that each and every section of your resume needs to be clearly marked with proper headings- as shown here, and the information under each one of them needs to be divided into different bullet points. These bullet points should be small and to the point. While doing so, bear in mind that your resume should not suffer from information overload, as this will clutter your resume and make things difficult for the recruiter too, as he has many more resumes to read.

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