E Business Specialist Resume

An e-business specialist resume is your tool for expressing your understanding in the application of communication and information technologies in various activities, to support its expansion and marketing. The resume should indicate your proficiency in linking a company's internal and external data processing systems in an efficient manner, so as to ensure the organization's coordination with partners and suppliers. It should also express your expertise in the design, planning, analysis, and implementation of various e-business solutions.

Nature of the contents in your resume

The resume of an e-business specialist serves the purpose of highlighting his/her ability to ensure the efficiency of all business-to-business and business-to-customer transactions, within the organization. You need to include your experience in developing e-business and e-commerce strategies for monitoring and guiding the company's operations and business processes with the help of the internet. The contents of your resume must depict your skills in the administration of the company's portfolio in the web.

The resume should efficiently place before the reader, your skills, abilities, and knowledge, while running him/her through your professional and academic history. Equal importance should be given to all the sections in your resume, so as to facilitate a smooth flow of significant information pertaining to your profile.

The role of a career objective in your resume

The e-business specialist resume should start with a healthy objective, expressing the candidate's career interests and goals, while mentioning the purpose of your application. The objective should act as a title for your profile, rather than an introduction to your application. It is therefore recommended that you contact your employer to discuss his needs, before you start writing your application. This will give you a clear idea as to how you need to present your capabilities and interests productively.

The objective will act as an attention grabbing tool. If your expressions and interests are put forth in a professional manner, then it is sure to gain the confidence of the reader, although you need to be careful not to be too descriptive.

Professional Qualification

You need to include in the Work Experience section in your resume, the name and location of your previous employers, the duration of employment with each company, your designation within the organizations, and the job descriptions in brief, highlighting only the significant points pertaining to your duties and responsibilities, in your previous/current employment. Here, you may choose to exclude the mundane duties and those points which are irrelevant to the employer's needs. If you have any wide gaps between your employment, then you need to specify the reason in your cover letter, which will in fact complement your resume in enhancing your application.

Given below is a free sample of an e-business specialist resume for your reference.

E-Business Specialist Resume Sample

Melba R. Tucker
3398 Angus Road
New York, NY 10022
(212) 486-4652
[email protected]

Career Objective

Seeking an opportunity as an e-Business Specialist to explore and understand the application of ICT in various business processes, while developing and implementing innovative e-commerce and e-business strategies, thereby facilitating the leverage of various organizational operations via internet.

Professional Qualities

  • Highly efficient in data interpretation and analysis
  • Knowledge of electronic purchasing and sales
  • Efficient in supply chain management
  • Excellent researching skills
  • Expert in interpersonal communication
  • Deep knowledge of budgeting
  • Knowledge of search engine optimization
  • Knowledge of various programming languages
  • Over 2 years of experience in web development

Technical Skills

HTML, Java, XML, C++, Perl, Oracle, SQL Server Studio Express, VBScript, Visual Basic, .Net, Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, CSS, Coreldraw, Sungard

Work Experience

Employer: Vinyl Fever, Scranton, PA
Designation: Web Designer/Developer
Duration: June 2009 till Oct 2011
Job Description:

  • Design and develop web interfaces to facilitate the integration of business systems pertaining to the company
  • Perform database check regularly and manage updates
  • Develop graphics, animations, and visual effects and include them in appropriate websites
  • Coordinate with the business specialists in the implementation of e-business solutions
  • Electronic communication management

Employer: K&G; Distributors, Allentown, PA
Designation: Business Content Developer
Duration: Sep 2007 till May 2009
Job Description:

  • Develop content for business websites to facilitate business-to-business and business-to-consumers
  • Participate in business process management and collaborate web conferencing, as per the instructions received by the business manager
  • Generate content for online and offline marketing
  • Perform SEO operations to increase the availability of the website to the consumers
  • Maintain customer service and feedback blogs to facilitate the evaluation of the business' performance

Academic Background

Diploma in e-Business Management
Scranton Institute of Technology and Management
Completed in 2009
Secured 77.34% in the final assessments

Bachelor of Computer Applications
Pennsylvania State University
Completed in 2007
Secured 69.56% in the final examination


Michael McCune
Business Manager - Vinyl Fever
Phone no: (492) 873-9970
Email: [email protected]

Violet Slusher
Content Manager - K&G; Distributors
Email: [email protected]

A careful study of the above given example of the e-business specialist resume will shower some clarity upon you as to how you need to present your skills, abilities, and knowledge, while not missing out on any significant or essential information. Also browse through the website to find more business management resume samples, resume templates and sample resumes for various profiles.

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