E Business Development Resume

An e-business development resume demonstrates the candidate's knowledge in the design and development of various business tools and systems to give rise to automated business processes. The resume aims to showcase the candidate's proficiency in business modeling and user interface designing, while highlighting the significant points pertaining to his/her professional background. You, as an e-business development professional, should construct your resume in such a manner that it clearly reflects your expertise in the development of e-business technologies to define and redefine business architectures.

Highlight your knowledge in e-commerce and e-business

The resume of an e-business developer should glow with his/her knowledge in the application of e-commerce practices and modern technology to facilitate automated and self-efficient business models. The resume should contain information regarding your knowledge in various business development models such as direct sales model, distribution business models, bricks and clicks business model, auction business model, collective business models, monopolistic business model, premium business model, online content business model etc.

You need to design your resume so that it reflects your ability to apply information technology in business strategies and operations management. It is your duty to organize your thoughts carefully, so as to describe your capabilities to the reader and convince him/her to consider you as a desirable candidate, by providing precise and significant details pertaining to your academic and professional history. Include your familiarity with various business tools and e-commerce applications such as automated online assistants, domestic and international payment systems, online office suites, online banking, electronic ticket management system, newsgroups, instant messaging etc.

Technical skills and Professional qualities

An e-business developer resume should efficiently place before the reader, the candidate's technical skills and abilities, while highlighting his/her transferable skills. You need to mention your proficiency in the several e-business operations such as business modeling, marketing planning, business process designing, integrated marketing etc. It should display your proficiency in business strategy dynamics and strategic management. Include your familiarity with programming languages, communication protocols, database management etc. Besides, you are also supposed to highlight your communication skills, researching and analytical skills, and other transferable skills.

Given below is a free sample of an e-business development resume. Closely observe the Work Experience section, and study its layout to understand how you need to present your professional experience.

e-Business Development Resume Sample

Personal Details

Edna M. Depue
1041 Dane Street
Loomis, WA 98827
(509) 223-6538

Career Objective

An e-business development professional seeking an opportunity to utilize the best of my technical skills, accompanied by innovation and creativity, aimed at developing automated business systems to facilitate the advancement of technology within as well as outside your organization, while acquiring more knowledge and moving towards excellence within the field.

Professional Qualities

  • Expert in business modeling
  • Highly efficient in the development of user-interface designs
  • Proficient in handling highly complex data structures
  • In depth knowledge of supply chain and logistics
  • Enterprise content management
  • Document automation
  • Integrated marketing

Technical Skills

  • Database management - SQL Server Studio Express
  • Programming languages - HTML, XML, Java, PHP, .NET, CSS
  • Object communication protocols - CORBA, Java standard RMI, Microsoft DCOM
  • Scripted server pages - Microsoft Active, Java Server Pages, Apache
  • Other tools - Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash, Corel draw, Adobe Illustrator
  • Components and Web applications frameworks - Microsoft's Active X/COM, IBM Web Sphere, Microsoft Windows DNA

Work Experience

Employer: Elek Tek, Republic, WA
Designation: e-Business Development Executive
Duration: June 2009 till present
Job Description:

  • Implementation of the e-business strategies, as put forth by the e-Business Manager
  • Design and develop user interfaces to automate business systems
  • Coordinate the business manager in the development of e-business
  • Manage and maintain the database of several business processes
  • Facilitate group buying using e-commerce practices
  • Engage in performance testing to ensure the reliability of the final business system

Employer: Prestiga-Biz, Bridgeport, WA
Designation: Web Designing Executive - L1
Duration: Aug 2008 till May 2009
Job Description:

  • Develop web prototypes to facilitate the improvement of customer service systems
  • Maintain Oracle relational databases using PL SQL and JavaScript Code
  • Design graphics and icons using Dreamweaver and Photoshop
  • Participate in IT workshops and external training programs
  • Maintain a database of potential clients and customers
  • Assist in coding and user testing

Academic Qualification

P.G. Diploma in e-Business Development
University of Washington
Completed in 2010
Placed in Grade A after the final assessments

Bachelor of Information Technology
University of Washington
Completed in 2008
Secured 71.22% in final examinations


Available upon request

The above example of the e-business development resume will definitely give you a clear idea of the layout of your resume. Customize its contents to personalize your letter. Browse throughout the website for more sample business management resumes, free resume templates, and sample resumes for various profiles.

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