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A business resume comprises of significant information pertaining to the candidate or the job-seeker's knowledge in the extensive field of business and business management. The resume puts forth all the essential information regarding his/her profile, aimed at highlighting his/her professional qualities. It describes your involvement in commerce and corporations, while explaining your understanding of the management of natural, financial, technological, and human resources. Depending upon the candidate's nature of profession, the contents of the resume of every individual are likely to be quite different from each other, although all of them demonstrate the candidates' skills and capabilities pertaining to the business management aspect of a field.

Analyzing what you need to include in a business resume

With the volume of trade increasing in the market at a great velocity, the need for people to manage, organize, and regulate the functions of a business has also risen in the past few decades. This forms the foundation for a higher rate of competition amongst the business professionals around the globe. You, as a candidate with management as a field of interest, should gather your thoughts pertaining to the commercial and management aspect of a given field of interest, and select the most important points to be included in your resume.

The resume should clearly underline your knowledge in the management of various sectors of a business including marketing, advertising, accounting, operations, finance, production etc. You need to include your understanding in the management functions of a specified profession, may it be manufacturing, mining, banking, agriculture, utilities, service, retail and distribution, or even businesses such as real estate, transportation, or intellectual properties. If you are involved in the top management, then you need to demonstrate your understanding of the various business laws such as compensation laws, commercial law, union laws, corporate laws, minimum wage laws, workers compensation laws etc.

The significance of a Key Skills section in your resume

The purpose of a Key Skills section is to bring into light, your capabilities, thereby acknowledging the needs of the employer. It provides a brief outline of your professional and organizational skills, equally emphasizing on the transferrable skills that you possess. You may also include your proficiency with computer tools and applications, provided that they are relevant to the job profile you are seeking.

It is highly recommended that you research about the employer before you start writing your resume. You may also choose to contact your recruiter to discuss the employer's needs, which would not only give you a better picture of what you need to include in your resume, but also displays a professional attitude, which is likely influence the recruiter's decision in considering your application favorably.

Describe your professional experience

The resume of a business professional should act as a profile viewer, clearly marking the significant points pertaining to his/her profile, while it clearly portrays a connection between his/her skills and the employer's needs. You need to include your involvement in strategic planning and management, total quality management, operations, human resource management, production and service management, financial management and also some modern practices such as information technology management, interim management etc.

In order to facilitate a clear reflection of your capabilities, you need to highlight your previous work experience using bullets. Your work experience section should be informative, but concise. You need to describe in minimum words, your role in the previous organizations and your participation in various departmental and organizational functions. You can definitely fit them all within 6-7 points, after excluding some of the most commonplace duties.

We have provided free samples of business resume for candidates within various sectors of business and also provided resume for people having strong education but weak experience. Browse through the website for many more resume templates and samples, which you can refer to while drafting your job application.

Sample Business Resumes

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