Banking Resume Sample

A bank resume sample will help an applicant applying in the field of finance and banking construct their own resumes appropriately. Application of a job in the banking a field requires proper construction and drafting of a resume that showcases the applicant's eligibility in the field. But majority of applicants applying for jobs are unsure in the matter of constructing a proper resume that will be helpful in the recruitment.

Writing a resume in the appropriate manner that will provide access in converting a job application into a successful one requires the proper following of rules and guidelines. As resumes are official documents and are written for the purpose of recruitment by the applicant, following of certain protocols is necessary. Below mentioned are some important tips and guidelines that will help applicants in constructing their own resumes appropriately for employment in a bank.

Guidelines for writing a Banking Resume

  • Proper resume writing involves better researching in the field. Applicants must research in the field they are applying for in the banking sector. By doing so that will get to know more about the post and allied responsibilities and duties. Researching on the how to construct a bank resume will help applicants in knowing the techniques involved in writing a resume for the post in the financial sector. There are several websites providing samples and resume formats that applicants can take help from.

  • Before attempting to write the resume, applicants must select a format or the lay out design following which the resume will be constructed. Format is the most important part of the resume as it will help the applicant organize the data which they will be including in the resume. Without a format applicants will not be able to figure out where to put the personal details and where to write the skills and professional history in the resume.

  • While writing the resume, applicants must follow a formal tone. It helps in maintaining professionalism as resumes are written for professional purposes.

  • Applicants must keep the resume short and brief describing things that are related to the post and in the context of explaining the applicant's eligibility for the position. Irrelevant information hampers the quality of the resume and increases the size of the resume.

  • Applicants must explain their skills and expertise in the appropriate manner giving proper details of the technical, professional, and personal skills they possess. Applicants can use bulleted points for explaining their skills.

  • Achievements and accomplishments should be highlighted.

  • Profession skills in the field of banking and commerce must be written appropriately. Recruiters put a lot of emphasis in this section as it makes them aware of the applicant's hold on professional grounds. So applicants must write their professional details correctly with the responsibilities performed and time served.

  • Proof checking for the resume before drafting it to the firm is important as it enables submission of a flawless resume that reflects the applicant's qualities of perfection and excellence.

Below is a sample resume of a bank accountant that will help applicants in framing their own resumes. The resume consists of fictitious information and applicants can use the format and writing technique as a reference while constructing their own resume.

Banking Resume Sample

Miguel K. McBride
3209 Point Street
Chicago, IL 60657
Telephone: 58585 9599495
Email Address:

Career Objective: Looking forward to apply for the position of an accountant in a reputed financial organization where I can use my accounting skills and expertise in the accurate management of financial accounts thus enabling in the smooth running of the firm aiding its progress and attainment of quality personal work experience.

Career Profile: Possess a professional exposure of 4 years in the field of banking and finance with experience of working with two for the most prestigious firms in the field. Possess excellent accounting and book keeping skills with sound computer and allied technical expertise.

Skills and Expertise:

  • Possess a professional experience of 4 years in the banking arena.
  • Excellent in accounting and financial mathematics.
  • Good in creating as well as reviewing statistical data and information.
  • Possess excellent computer skills and sound use of official software.
  • Excellent with windows, mackintosh, Linux, and UNIX operating systems.
  • Possess good team working and team leading aspects.
  • Excellent in communication and presentation skills.
  • Possess good behavioral and healthy co-worker relation qualities.

Professional History:

Firm: ABC International Bank
Position: Chief Accountant
Duration: January 2010 to February 2012

  • Managing of financial accounts of clients and customers.
  • Maintenance of records both written and electronic.
  • Preparing of reports and statistical representation of overall transactions.
  • Supervising and assisting juniors in their work.
  • Reporting to higher authorities and board members.
  • Designing and implementing of new plans and programs.
  • Involved in administration works and planning.

Firm: Telex Financial Corp.
Position: Accountant
Duration: December 2007 to December 2009

  • Primarily assigned for accounting purpose.
  • Maintenance of records and data.
  • Handling records and accounts of clients and customers.
  • Communication and assistance to customers.


  • Completed Masters in Financial Accounting from Gridlock University.
  • Achieved graduation degree in commerce with specialty in finance and accounting from Gridlock University.
  • Completed schooling as a full-timer from Chisholm International High School.

Declaration: I hereby declare that the above information is true as per my knowledge.

Enclosures: Resume, Appreciation letter, Reference letters.

The above bank resume sample will surely help applicants in constructing a resume that will stand out in terms of format and writing and will help applicants in the drafting of a resume that will flaunt their expertise better.

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