Cashier Resume

If you are good with calculations and transactions, cashier could be one of the best career options for you. A cashier can work in banks, shops, hospitals, schools, etc. Basically, any place where monetary transactions take place, a cashier is appointed to handle the cash. A cashier resume would thus, help an aspiring candidate to apply for a cashier's job, putting forth his/her skills relevant to the same. A sample cashier resume, would help us understand the ideal format for the same, and also help us understand what information should be included in it, to make it more relevant. To write an effective resume, it is advisable to customize the same, with reference to the job description and requirements put forth for the same by the employer.

Job Description:

Depending on the industry in which the cashier works, his/her job responsibilities vary. In general, the duties of a cashier are as follows:

  • Greeting the customers, as they are usually placed near the entrance
  • Sometimes assist the customers with information, or direct them to the right person
  • Accept payments, and provide bills/receipts for the same
  • Maintain daily record of transactions, and report to the head at the end of the day
  • Update the cash register daily
  • Make necessary discount calculations
  • Fluent with the transaction software installed in the organization, etc.

Scope for Cashiers:

As mentioned above, cashiers have a wide scope. They can work in schools, restaurants, offices, hospitals, theaters, retail stores, etc. They can work part-time or full time, depending on the availability and requirement.

The basic requirement for working as a cashier is being a high school pass-out with good mathematics

Cashier Resume Sample

Lorene M. Ambler
1016 Eva Street, Corona, NY 1136
Phone: 917-465-3493
Email Address:

Resume Objective

Wish to work as a full time cashier with some of the best retail stores that provide a professional work-environment with the best accounting and financial handling software installed.

Academic Details

  • Elenove High School, NY - 2006
  • Diploma in Computer Accounting - 2006
  • Diploma in Vedic Math - 2006

Professional Skills

  • Worked with small retail outlets, and handled transactions independently
  • Good communication skills and fluent in English, French, and Scottish
  • Exceptionally good mathematics skills
  • Proficient use of MS Excel for calculations, making reports, analysis, etc.
  • Good at managing my work in peak days

Work Experience

  1. James Super Stores - January 2011 till date
    Role: Cashier

    • Collect payments from customers in cash or via credit/debit cards
    • Issue receipts to the customers
    • Computerized recording of all the financial transaction working on the software installed in the store
    • Make relevant entries in the cash register
    • Keep a record of goods given on debt, and send reminders for clearing debts
    • Responsible for banking functions and other cash related functions of the store
    • Responsible for documentation for tax, audit, etc.

  2. Serra High School - November 2006 - June 2010

    • Collection of fees from the parents of students
    • Collection of donation from trusts
    • Scholarship allotment and recording
    • Maintaining the cash register
    • Performing all bank related functions of the school
    • Issuing of receipts
    • Refund of fee deposits like library deposit, gym deposit, etc.

  3. Tony' Groceries - June 2010 - December 2010
    Role: Cashier

    • Maintaining the cash register
    • Issuing bills and payment receipts
    • Manual updating of records
    • Assisting the customers with any queries related to exchange of goods or refund
    • Packing of goods at the customer counter


  • Stood first in the Computer Accounting Institute at the State level
  • Appreciated for incorporating computerized accounting with manual accounting in Tony Groceries

Computer Skills

Proficient with-

  • MS Excel
  • Computer Accounting
  • MS word


Available on request


Lorene M. Ambler

The sample cashier resume given above effectively puts forth the applicant's relevant skills to get a cashier's job in a bigger set-up with a better pay. The applicant tries to put forth all the core responsibilities handled at work, which allows the employer understand the scope of responsibilities handled by her. Using this sample resume, write a resume for yourself that would help you grab the best of the job opportunities.

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