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We all know the importance of a good customized resume in our career. We understand how important it is to write an effective resume that puts forth the best and most authentic picture of the applicant in front of the employer. Thus, we refer to many resumes before writing for oneself. The resumes are categorized in different sections, with respect to different fields; for example, engineering resumes, clerical resumes, banking resumes, etc. In this section, we would discuss about banking resumes, and see some sample resumes for the same.

Bank jobs are usually very respectable. The benefits associated with a bank job are - fixed working hours, holidays, gaining proficiency in managing his/her money. Thus, bank jobs are quite desirable by people who like a stable routine work environment. There are many different job profiles in a bank. Different banks have different selection procedures, like some conduct their exams once in a year or three years, etc. Besides, clearing these exams, the job aspirants also need to clear the interview rounds. Some have direct recruitment, and thus invite job applications from interested candidates. In such scenarios, the applicant is judged based on his/her resume. Thus, the applicant's resume should reflect his/her potential to work in the banking industry.

There are different departments, sectors, and services in banks these days. It is no more a place where one saves his/her funds. It provides services like share trading, insurance policies, loans, financial counseling, utility services, etc. Thus, it has widened the scope for the job aspirants of this industry. Tech support, admin, customer, support, management, ground staff, etc., have different requirements. The organization would thus, look for different candidates with different qualifications, skills, etc., for the same. Thus, while drafting a resume, one has to understand these requirements, and present the same effectively to the employer.

Resume templates, formats, etc., all are secondary. First comes your resume content and the job you are catering to. Once you understand the information that the employer would seek from your resume, you are quite close to drafting a perfect resume. This is because you can refer to various samples available online for templates and formats, but what are the information about your academic and professional career that would suffice the employer's requirements, should be best understood by you. While drafting a resume, you must make sure that you answer the following questions through your resume -

  1. How do you fit in the job criteria?
  2. What distinguishes you from others?
  3. Why should you be given preference over others?

Your skills and qualifications should be presented in a way that the employer could distinguish you from many others, and thus feel that you have some distinct qualities that make you the most deserving.

Keywords for Banking Resumes:

Every job has some specific keywords associated with it that help in boosting the resume in resume filtering. Some words related to a banking resume would be -

  • Accounting and Financial
  • Investment Banking
  • Share Trading
  • Customer relationship
  • Business Development
  • Insurance
  • Taxation, etc.

The employer might look for such words while filtering the resume. You might get these words in the job advertisement placed by the employer. The job description in the advertisement explains the skills and qualifications required for the job, and the interested job applicant should try to inculcate the same in his/her resume.

Mentioning the skills:

As mentioned above, you get an idea of what skills or content should be included in your resume. Once you jot down these skills, in your resume, it is equally important for you to present it in a way that the employer could actually be convinced. Backing the skills with its application in your job responsibilities makes it more authentic.

Format of banking resume:

Choose a template that best suits your requirement of presenting the required information. You can change it as per your convenience. A professional resume should be simple, to the point, and typed using simple fonts like Times New Roman or Arial. Segregating the resume in different sections is again important, so that the employer can look at the section of his/her interest.

Take a look at some of the sample banking resume given in the links below, to write an effective resume for yourself.

Sample Banking Resumes

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