Corporate Attorney Resume

A corporate attorney resume is written by a person who is applying for the post of a corporate attorney in a business firm or organization. A corporate attorney plays a very crucial role in the functioning and proper running of an organization. With the rise in the number of firms and business conglomerates there is an increasing competition in the market. Therefore the administrators and managerial heads of a firm need legal advice at every step while dealing with clients and customers.

The major function of a legal advisor or a corporate attorney is to look after the policies of the company so the entrepreneur will not have to face multiple suites. A corporate attorney will also provide access and enlighten the entrepreneur of a firm on the legalities and technicalities involved in copyright issues, stock markets ups and downs, IOP (Initial Public Offering) for the firm, shares and partnership terms and conditions, collaboration of the firm with other companies, signing of contracts and accords with other companies and clients, settlement of issues and disputes among inner and outer bodies of the organization, and a whole lot of other stuff.

As one can see from the description of the profile, a corporate attorney is a post of high responsibility and hard work and entails a lot of skills, knowledge and experience. Applicant applying for the post must be highly qualified and should possess good knowledge in the subject matters of law, business and economics. He must also be highly analytical and insightful. An organization hiring a corporate attorney will have a look at all the above mentioned factors and therefore it is the responsibility of the applicant to be the very best at the time of interview.

An applicant applying for the post must construct a resume that suits the profile and reflects his/her capabilities to be a perfect legal advisor for the firm. The resume should portray the applicant's expertise and skills in the field of legal advising on which the company can rely. Construction of effective job resume for the post of a corporate attorney is not such a hard task and with the help of the tips mentioned below they will surely be able to write one.

Tips for writing better resume for the corporate attorney post

  1. Before actually starting to write the letter it is recommended that applicants must conduct some online research to gather more information on the post and the techniques involved in constructing a resume for the post.

  2. Applicants must choose a proper format while conducting the online research as it will give the letter its shape and structure and make the resume look organized and systematic.

  3. No one will appreciate reading a resume that is extremely long. Applicants must therefore keep it brief and provide only those details that are relevant to the post.

  4. Applicants must not make the resume look complicated with the use of difficult words and phrases. The resume must be kept simple so that it can be easily read and interpreted.

  5. Highlighting the important points and capitalizing on the strengths, likes, skills and achievements will help the recruiter in understanding the potential of the applicant.

  6. Proof reading once or twice after the writing and completion of resume helps in the eradication of error from the resume making it flawless.

Given below is a corporate attorney resume sample that will help candidates in framing their resume properly for their job application.

Sample Corporate Attorney Resume

Linda H. Anderson
852 Leroy Lane
Peever, South Dakota 57257
Telephone number: 34 442 44333
Email address: [email protected]

Career Objective: Looking for a challenging position of a Corporate Attorney in a prestigious business firm or organization where my skills and expertise in the field of legal advising will used for the benefit and progress of the firm.

Career Summary: Prior experience of working as a corporate attorney in a business firm where I was engaged in legal advising and attorney work for a period of 3 years. Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Skills and Expertise:

  • Highly educated and possess excellent knowledge on the state, federal and local laws.
  • High knowledge of the economy, business, stock market, etc.
  • Expertise in licensing and notary works.
  • Expertise in partnership laws.
  • Proficiency in copyright and piracy laws.
  • Expertise in asset and property laws.
  • Possess good computer skills with sound knowledge of several official computer applications.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.

Professional Experience:

Organization: HMB Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: Corporate Attorney
Duration: January 2009 to March 2011

  • Reviewing of all documents and paper work.
  • Providing legal advice on various matters related to production work, to supplies.
  • Legal advising on collaborations and partnership works.
  • Administered and developed contract papers and policy papers.
  • Active participation in the legal proceedings on the organization.

Academic History:

  • Diploma in Business Law From New York University in 2007
  • Masters in Business Administration from New York University 2005
  • Graduation in Social Law From Saint Louis Law School

Declaration: I hereby declare that the above information provided above is true as per my knowledge.

Reference: Will submit on request.

We hope that the above sample and the tips for writing a corporate attorney resume will surely help applicants in writing better resumes for their job application.

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