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Art is a field which involves creativity, and the person in this field needs to have a creative mind. A resume always serves as an important tool, while seeking a job. There are several jobs which come under the category of art. An actor, painter, etc., all come under the category of artists, and the resume written while applying for any of these posts are known as art resume. A real artist not only makes his art, but also promotes his art in all possible ways. For this purpose, a candidate from arts background needs to have a resume ready in order to apply for a job. The resume should be well prepared in order to attract the employer towards you. If an employer is impressed by your resume, then he/she will definitely call you for an interview.

A badly and carelessly written resume always has to pay with an interview call. This may harass you and the employer as well. None of the employer wants to reject a candidate who is good for that position. So, don't just throw away your golden chance of getting a good job. Go through the job advertisement carefully, check the job profile, concentrate on the requirement of the employer, and then prepare your resume for this profile.

An art resume has different sections like a normal art resume, which you write in order to apply for a job. You need to mention each section separately and clearly. There will be sections in your resume, such as objective, key skills, qualification, work experience, achievements, etc. Every section should be treated equally in order to make it impressive. The achievements can be anything such as awards, extra certifications, etc.

A resume starts with your name and contact details, mentioned at the top of the resume. This section has to be written very clearly and correctly, because the employer will get back to you on these contact details. Your work experience plays an important role when you are applying for a job. The contact details section of your resume should have your phone number, email address, temporary and permanent address, etc. Mention your active phone number, and when you are writing your address, provide your complete postal address.

After contact details you need to write an impressive objective. The objective should show that you are very much interested in that job profile, and want to make your career in this profile. Then you need to write the key skills, where you need to mention your strengths and talents. This is the section which shows how capable and suitable you are for the job. Finally work experience section should be mentioned carefully. This is one of the most important sections, if you have some previous experience in this field. You can mention your previous job experience and project works. While writing this section, mention the name of the employer, your designation in the previous job, and duration for which you have worked.

Thus, you can make a powerful resume, which would definitely impress an employer so that he calls you for an interview. Drafting an art resume is not a very tough task if you really know the job profile; rather it requires your dedication and skills to make it effective.

Sample Art Resumes

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