Sample Analyst Resume

A sample analyst resume is written to apply for the post of an analyst with various kinds of companies. There are various kinds of analysts like financial analyst, portfolio compliance analyst, future business analyst, IT operations analyst, data analyst, etc. For the sake of the article, let's take the case of a financial analyst. To run a company and to play successfully in the market, the managers need a lot of data regarding the finance options. Here comes the finance analyst into the picture. The job of a financial analyst is to gather the market information, study the stocks situation and prepare a report for the management to guide them towards the right investment decisions- as to the average and expected returns on an investment, the associated risk involved, the applicable cost of capital, etc.

These analysts, either work within a company, as their full time employees, or they work for financial advisory firms; the big companies approach such firms for financial advice.

The resume of such a person should clearly state his/ her experience in the field and all the important achievements till date. It all has to be as objective as possible because it is a number game and the companies want to see these numbers.

The whole resume is divided into various headings and subheadings, the details of which are as follows:

  • Objective statement- The applicant writes a motivating and dynamic line about his reason for seeking the job.
  • Profile summary- This section will include all the outstanding details about you and your work till date. It acts as a section that reflects your USP and thus, enabling you to market yourself better.
  • Work experience- Mention all the details regarding your previous job holdings and the duration of each one of them.
  • Education- A recruiter will like to see all the relevant educational qualifications here.
  • Achievements- This section will involve all the details that mark your excellence in the field.

For being a financial analyst, one has to have an up-to-date knowledge of the market and good analytical, research and mathematical abilities. Following is a sample analyst resume.


Excellent financial and accounting abilities, and the urge of taking on a role with greater challenges and a wider array of responsibilities

Profile Summary

  • Six years of diverse experience in the field of finance and trend analysis under investment analysis
  • Worked with big companies such as ABC Ltd and Marvel Ltd. and provided them with services in revenue and expense analysis
  • Forecast the market trends and the possible stock prices in the market
  • Knowledge of accurate recording of internal & external development costs in a company.
  • USP in analyzing risk investments with a successful track record of 98% accuracy.

Work Experience

  • ABC Corporation
    Financial Analyst

    • Worked on valuation methods and maintained processes like ARR, NPV and Payback
    • Financial research and report making for the board meetings
    • Making and showing presentations to the BMs.
    • Budgeting- study of fixed and flexible aspects and giving out comprehensive solutions for each one.
    • Risk analyzing- measuring the past and present trends, researching the portfolio histories, and then filing reports based on profit: risk ratio.
    • Analyzed the expected and average returns on the company's investment decisions.

  • FDS Insurance Pvt. Ltd.,Milford,Ohio
    Assistant Financial Analyst

    • Held the responsibility of updating the reports and statistics according to the market trends
    • Gave the reading on the expenses and expected profits
    • Was on the insurance policies augmentation team and guided them through the process, auditing the new terms and conditions, thus ensuring maximized profits.
    • Presented annual financial report at the Board of Directors meeting.


  • Cooperated with the bank on many wrong insurance claims, scrutinized the claims, thus saving $13 million for the year ended 2007.
  • Won 'Best Employee Award' while working with ABC Corporation in the year 2008.
  • Won the membership to the JWG Finance Experts' convention.

Education Details

  • PhD in Management - Finance, XYZ College, University of Ohio
  • MS in Finance, ABC College, University of Ohio


  • Obtained Chartered Certified Accountant Certificate in 2006

This is how one drafts a sample analyst resume. The post can be of any of the above mentioned kinds of analyst job, but this structure will remain the same.

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