Sample Advertising Resume

An advertising resume should effectively portray your skills in utilizing different modes of communication to promote the product of an organization, without corrupting the pristine environment with misguiding messages. Your resume should display your skills in educating the society about the true specifications and the plus points of the product in healthy ways, rather than the quite popular but unethical ways that are being used nowadays. Advertising is a healthy medium of communication, but contrived intentions can hamper the environment as the hoarding are all over the place, some even containing flavors of pornography.

Today, it is evident that businesses have become very selfish in terms of their advertising, for they are constantly exaggerating in the name of advertising, to deceive the consumers into buying their commodities. What's worse is that there are rules which legalize the use of such lies and exaggeration in advertising, thereby distorting the communication, which is supposed to be clear otherwise. Today, there is barely anything called ethics that remains in the field of advertising since every business, as of today, is only keen on making more money so as to meet their so called organizational goals that has blinded them, ultimately causing their advertisements to take form of a mirror that is merely a sacrilegious reflection of the true product.

Your advertising resume should contain the following -

  • Objective - Include an objective that will speak about your career goals and interests in a clear and concise manner

  • Professional experience - You must pay extra attention to this part of your cover letter. If you have prior work experience, then you must include your previous job roles and responsibilities along with the details of your employer.

  • Academic qualification - Be sure to highlight your academic details effectively and include information of your degree, the institution, and the grades you have achieved after your final examinations.

  • Skills and accomplishments - Highlight your skills and abilities pertaining to advertising using bullets. If you have any achievements from your college or your previous employment, do include their details, unless they are mundane or irrelevant.

  • References - If you have any references, including their name at the end of your resume will highlight them, thus giving additional importance to your application

Given below is a sample of an advertising resume; refer to the contents of the sample resume to give you an idea of how your resume should look like.

Joelle N. Bowen
1388 Jehovah Drive - Lexington, VA 24450
Phone: (540) -464-7719 -
Creative Manager - Advertising

Highly creative, non-diplomatic advertising professional seeking an opportunity to implement innovative advertising practices so as to bring in an ethical flavor aiming to uplift today's deteriorating ideas of advertising.


Digital Promotions - Key West, FL - Assistant manager - Advertising - Dec 2008 till October 2011

Increase the sales and popularity of the company by means of creative and innovative measures to efficiently compete with various unethical but effective practices of promotion followed within the market.

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement innovative, digital advertising concepts
  • Identify new opportunities in online marketing and optimize the usage of internet for advertising
  • Develop creative ideas for various types of advertising
  • Assist with the development of annual budget for the advertising department
  • Coordinate with various departments such as marketing, sales, digital arts, content management and finance
  • Acquire and analyze information to aid in the planning of several advertising campaigns

Zelda Advertising Solutions - Orlando, FL - Sr. Advertising Executive - Feb 2007 till Nov 2008

Plan and construct ideas and materials for advertising and promotions aimed at augmenting the sales of the products or services assigned by various clients by coordinating with consumers and the sales and marketing departments of the client organization.

Job Responsibilities

  • Inspect promotional materials such as contents, scripts, audio, and video tapes to ensure adherence to standards and specifications
  • Coordinate with clients to provide professional marketing and advertising ideas and advice
  • Establish and develop relationships with contacts such as distributors, dealers, and customers to effectively carry out promotional campaigns
  • Present and demonstrate new products and services to the customers, and advertising executives within the client organization involved in fieldwork
  • Represent the client organization while promoting their products and services at trade association gatherings


Masters in Marketing Management - Florida State University - Nov 2006 - 73.96%

Bachelor of Mass Media - University of Georgia - July 2004 - Grade A


Mr. David A. Holland
Organization - Digital Promotions

Ms. Jessica C. Waters
Organization - Zelda Advertising Solutions

Contact no - (626) 475-6873
Designation - Advertising Manager

Contact no - (217) 277-8597
Designation - Advertising Manager

While referring to the advertising resume sample above, make sure you customize the contents of your resume so as to make it personal. If you do not possess any prior work experience, your educational background needs to be effectively highlighted with information of the modules covered. It is best to choose a functional resume in this case, in order to stress on your key skills rather than your professional background.

You may also include a section where you can mention your accomplishments with respect to your education or previous employment, unless they are mundane.

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