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Advertising resume is required by marketing professionals who specialize in advertising. Advertising is an integral part of any marketing plan. Marketing is the key to the success of any business. For any marketing plan to be effective, it requires careful drafting of subsequent advertising strategies. This signifies the importance of the advertising professionals in an organization. Your advertising resume should be able to portray the desired professionalism for you, to win the job opportunity.

Though drafting a resume may seem simpler, it takes a lot of efforts and time to draft a job winning advertising resume. Advertising can contribute a lot towards surviving and winning the competition. This has led to increase in demand of advertising professionals, who have gained more importance due to the rising competition worldwide. In today's global market, where all organizations are looking forward to expand globally, advertising has gained considerable importance. No marketing plan, without giving due consideration to the advertising plan, can be successful.

Acknowledging the rising importance of advertising professionals, we have provided advertising resume samples, which can be referred by applicants for drafting inciting resumes. There are different types of advertising job profiles, varying from organization to organization. We have attempted to include a comprehensive collection of advertising resume examples, though it may not be exhaustive. However, even if you are not able to find the appropriate resume type, you can refer to other samples for basic information such as layout, details to be included (sub titles), different data presentation tools etc.

Once you have retrieved all the necessary information, the same needs to be presented in the resume in your own unique way for effective personalization and impersonation of your professionalism. This would require careful review of fine details, such as those given below, for maximum efficacy. You may further include your own ideas, depending upon the flexibility available within the professional standards. The effectiveness of these fine details to be considered while drafting advertising resume depends a lot upon your understanding of the resume writing. For better comprehension and quick implementation, these tips are presented in small points, and in a step by step format.

Details to be considered for drafting the advertising resume

  1. Job description: The job description given by the employers is the foremost thing which should be carefully understood. It is the key to drafting an inciting resume which can easily target the employers' attention. The job description would provide information such as: job responsibilities, actual job profile (irrespective of the designation title) and skill-sets required. Once these details are retrieved, it would be easier to include them in the resume, and optimize the selection chances. The job description would also help you to identify if you have the desired aptitude for the given job.
  2. Layout: The format of your resume is the next important thing which should be finalized before you begin drafting the effective resume. You may refer to different example resumes for more options. The layout should be finalized beforehand, as inclusion of subsequent details and ways to present them would be determined by the layout. While selecting the format, make sure that it is compatible with the prevailing industrial trends and at par with the desired level of professionalism. Number of pages for your resume too should be considered while selecting the format.
  3. Sequence: All details should be presented in a proper sequence. There should be a smooth transition. Most commonly followed order is:
    • Name
    • Contact details
    • Career objective
    • Skills summary
    • Work experience
    • Academic qualifications
    • Other details (awards, memberships, hobbies, personal details, etc)
    • References
    • Declaration
    • Self attestation

    There can be minor change in the order depending upon the importance and significance. For example, for inexperienced candidates, educational details come prior to the work experience. Work experience in such cases can be replaced by training or internship details. Similarly, it is not mandatory to give references, unless asked. Give any reference only after prior permission from the concerned person and only if they hold a credible position in the industry. All additional details should be shared under appropriate sub-titles for quick access.

    Personal details should be included if applying for international openings or if asked by the employers. It may include details such as: marital status, passport details, willingness to relocate, notice period, compensation package etc.

  4. Appearance: The advertising resume should be visually appealing. All information should be clear and well presented. You may use different presentation tools offered by MS Word, such as tables, bulleted list, etc.; other formatting options too can be used judiciously. The purpose is to grab the employer's attention from the heap of resumes he/she receives.
  5. Cover letter: A well written cover letter along with the resume can always be used for introducing the application. It can be used as marketing tools to highlight the skill-sets as well. Resume cover letter examples can be referred for relevant and simplified information.

These details along with the list of advertising resume samples given below can help you in designing striking resumes, and win the job opportunity.

Sample Advertising Resumes

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